In the limo industry we are all about that wow factor, with even the standard Lincoln Towncar limousines turning heads when out on the road. Due to this need for extraordinary vehicles we have encouraged a demand for the outlandish, seeing limo converters around the country get creative.

The latest names to hit the limo headlines are Paul and Tim, a duo from Sedgley. Paul Harborne and Tim Jordan are the very proud owners of the 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance, one of the rarest cars the world boasts.

Made famous by the Ghostbusters film the two bought the car back in 2008, spending three years reviving the wreck. As nothing more than a rusty frame the two mechanics hand-crafted the majority of the car’s features, including the fan-tom belt.

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Creating an incredible replica of the Caddy from the original 1980s comedy film the release of the remake has brought a lot of work their way, hiring out the limo for an array of events and occasions.

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“It’s gone bonkers,” says the 54-year-old Sedgley car buff, Paul, a mechanic by trade.

Now, it’s become a job for us. We’re taking bookings from all over the country.

While great to look at the reality of driving a custom-made limo does have its challenges he explained:

‘It’s not great on corners. But the real problem is you have to pay extra attention because other road-users are hanging out of windows to take pictures or ringing their mates. They’re not taking care of their own driving.

I’d seen the rise of American limos being used for Proms and I wanted a movie-themed one. There’s the Batmobile, Back to the Future’s DeLorean and Knight Rider but they only seat two people, so I decided on Ghostbusters.

My wife Cheryl said I’d never find one. It’s a really rare car that’s over 50 years old. She was right.’

Now worth a whopping £200,000 this limo is very much in demand, but will this tail off once the hype of the film has dissolved? Leave your comments below.