A group of school girls were rescued by a funeral limo after the company they’d booked a luxury stretch limousine with to transport them to their school prom in Sunderland went bust.

Like most high school students, the seven girls who all attend Farringdon School began planning for their prom night months in advance, booking their limo hire at the first opportunity.

However their plans were thrown into disarray when one of the party received a phone call from their limousine hire company to inform them that the firm had ceased trading and would therefore be unable to provide them with a chauffeur driven limo come prom night.

With only a few weeks to go until the prom, all of the local luxury transport providers were fully booked and so it looked as though the girls’ dreams of arriving at their prom in the back of a chauffeur driven limo were over, that was until a local funeral directors heard about the limo-less prom girls and decided to offer their services.

Scollen and Wright Funeral Services offered the girls the use of their black funeral limo free of charge to ensure they had a night to remember.

The funeral directors were unsure if the 16-year-old girls would feel uneasy about travelling to their prom in a funeral car, however the prom goers were actually thrilled with their prom ride as it was something different and there was definitely no danger of any other pupils turning up in a funeral limo!