mongol-rally-2014-limo-car-rover-827-team-1024x682We at Limo Broker are always excited to hear of innovative uses for classic limousines. Although the Rover Stretch Limousine is not so much of a fashion statement as it used to be four men seem to have found a purpose for it.

Dominic Falcão, Steven Brace, Oliver Skittery and Jack Chartres are set to embark on a 15,000 mile round trip in aid of their chosen charity.

Although not a set out route to follow they are planning to drive through Europe, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia, crossing three deserts on their travels.

This really is a test of patience, endurance and the human heart, endeavouring on this remarkable journey for completely selfless reasons.

This is to be achieved in the name of charity, fundraising money for an organisation called Médecins Sans Frontières.

MSF is a humanitarian charity that provides medical support for countries disturbed by armed conflict, natural disasters and insignificant healthcare systems.

“We’ve chosen to support MSF because the majority of the funds raised go directly to running their essential support programmes,” Steven explains. “Their work is particularly urgent and relevant given the number and scale of conflicts occurring today” Dominic adds.

Typically those involved in the rally are required to use a vehicle that is 1 litre or less in engine size, making the race fair for all. However, when the four charity workers saw a bargain limousine up for grabs on eBay they simply could not resist purchasing it.

Although an unusual purchase the limousine has inevitably allowed their admirable work to stand out amongst the crowd with the rally organisers making an exception due to the nature of the application.

“We contacted the rally organisers to see if an exception could be made, and when they heard we wanted to use a limo they were all for it”

Although expecting to face many obstacles with this phenomenal challenge they did not think that obtaining limousine insurance would be so problematic.

After strenuous telephone conversations and online quotes they eventually found a broker that specialises in these more niche driving

When asked why they chose a limo they replied:

“With one of the longest continuous histories in the motor industry, the Rover marque has always had a reputation for luxury without extravagance and style without ostentation. It has maintained this status with the Rover 827 limousine which includes exclusively full-grain leather interiors and fully electric wing mirrors. The Rover 827’s top of class air conditioning system makes it the only practical choice for crossing the Gobi desert. This paired with state of the art soft-air suspension will allow a smooth journey across potholes, river crossings and arid desert planes.”

We at Limo Broker completely agree with the level of luxury these four men speak of and are looking forward to supporting them along the way.

To follow their progress, and donate, like them on Facebook at “London Mongolia Limo Service”. You can also find them on Twitter at @mongolrallylimo or visit their website –