Former chauffeur boss caught by police exceeding a speed limit by 50mph

Former chauffeur boss caught by police exceeding a speed limit by 50mph

An Edinburgh based businessman who ran his own chauffeur hire company was up in court at the end of December after being caught driving 50mph over the legal speed limit.

John Ogden was caught driving at 120mph on a 70mph limit road on the M90 motorway near Perth. The incident occurred at 11:17pm on September 25th last year. The accused was driving a powerful Audi car, one of the vehicles used as part of his chauffeur business, as he was returning to Edinburgh after dropping off a client in Dundee.

When stopped by police Mr Ogden told the officers, “I really didn’t think I had been going that fast.” He also cited the fact that he had been driving downhill, was concentrating on the road ahead, and having the radio on so the sound of engine could no be heard, as factors which contributed to his excessive speed.

These were all dismissed as inadequate excuses by Sheriff Robert McCreadie during the court proceedings. Following the hearing, Mr Ogden was fined £300 and banned from driving for 6 months.

Mr Ogden started his own chauffeur business back in 2003 and had a number of employees working for him. However the company is reported to have suffered significantly as a result of the recession, leaving Mr Ogden with massive debts. 6 of the vehicles used for the chauffeur service, including the Audi, have been repossessed. Mr Ogden is now attempting to rebuild a new business and has embarked on a new venture offering car wash and valet services.

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