A bride and groom in China travelled to their wedding in the front basket of a forklift truck earlier this month as the couple wanted to commemorate the vehicle which brought them together.

Forklift truck driver, Kong Qing Yang met his now wife, Shen Likun, when he went to buy a forklift truck from her at the company where she worked as a salesperson. After the initial meeting at the forklift truck company, love blossomed between the pair and they decided to tie the knot.

Not wanting to forget the reason they got together in the first place, the groom left his home in the Hebei Province in North China at 8am onboard a specially decorated forklift truck. Kong collected his bride en route to the church, and the couple travelled through the village of Beiwangduan in their forklift truck, throwing lollies at the locals who lined the street to see them pass by.

The wedding motorcade comprised of eight forklift trucks in total, all of which were travelling at a top speed of just 8mph. Unsurprisingly, the wedding parade took several hours to arrive at ceremony venue, with the bride and groom finally exchanging vows just after 11:30am, some three and a half hours after the groom set off from his house.