We have all heard of the Sweet 16, the outlandish parties that the American rich kids throw, becoming the recipients of gifts such as Ferraris and Range Rovers. Well it appears the world has gone one step further, continuing to spoil our children with spell-bounding celebrations.

Although great for the birthday girl or boy is 16 just too young to appreciate the value of such a party?

Well according the parents of Mexico, no.

It seems that the Mexicans are giving the Americans a run for their money when it comes to throwing an event, now reportedly passionate about planning unbelievable Sweet 15 parties! Yes you heard right, 15!

This is more relative when talking about the girls of Mexico with their 15th birthday marking their entrance into womanhood, a time that they call quinceañera. Only celebrated in Latin American culture the quinceañera is the Oscars of birthday parties, with fleets of huge limos being hired to cater to the long guest list.

mex 1

Sofia, 15, is just one of many teens who marked her coming of age with an extravagant hire, renting several hummer limousines to chauffeur her and her suited and booted pals to and from the party venue.

And it is not just the limos that the bank of Mum and Dad had to folk out for. These teens expect cakes, DJ’s and to be treated pretty much like a bride on their 15th birthday. Usually adorned in a stunning, embellished dress the birthday girl insists that the guests/groomsmen where suits that are coordinated to her look, pretty much mirroring the way in which a wedding party is organised and executed.

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Let us know what you think. Is this an admirable cultural celebration or a ridiculous waste of money? Leave your comments below.