Ferrari Unleash 488 Spider: The Most Aerodynamic Ferrari to Date

Ferrari Unleash 488 Spider: The Most Aerodynamic Ferrari to Date


Ferrari is a timeless brand, with all models successfully maintaining our love for supercars. For this reason we at Limo Broker were extremely thrilled to see images released of the new Ferrari 448 Spider, the convertible version of the Ferrari 488 GTB released in February.

Sporting the same turbocharged 3.9-litre and 661-horsepower engine as the coupe the Spider has successfully captured our intrigue, wanting to learn more about the car and how far it differs from its coupe ancestor.



Ferrari says it’s aimed at drivers “seeking open-air motoring pleasure” in a car that “reinforces the sensation of massive performance.”

Tantalising us this Ferrari is therefore a supercar for those that want to be seen, those that wish for everyone to stop and stare as they shoot on past. Propelling a mid-engined convertible the power of the car is astonishing, allowing it to go from zero to 62 mph in just 3 seconds.

Revised features 


The car boasts a retractable hard top that weighs 55 pounds less than a comparable fabric soft-top, streamlining the Ferrari to reach its maximum capability. With weight being so important to convertible models it seems the 499 Spider ticks every box, showing all the signs of becoming the next iconic performance vehicle.

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