With the last few days transforming the political landscape indefinitely, it seems the world and his wife have something to say about the Trump triumph, with Trump celebrations and protects dotted throughout the globe. While having our own opinion on the vote, we were pleasantly surprised by the news that the President is to be driven around it what has been named ‘The Beast’.

With all presidential vehicles requiring beauty as well as security, Trump can enjoy a wealth of both with The Beast, weighing a whopping six-and-a-half tonne with the ability to withstand an improvised bomb explosion and a hit from rocket-propelled grenades.


Trump will receive the keys to The Beast the day he takes over at the White House, with the car allegedly worth $1m.

Designed by General Motors the company have fully-equipped Trump with six-and-a-half-tonnes of metal protection, with the car able to drive through a chemical weapon attack completely untouched.

The limo’s fuel tank is also said to be built with security in mind, with the designers using amour-plates and special foam in a plea to prevent explosions.

Other features of the limo include:
vision cameras
GPS tracking
satellite communication system
Two pints of Trump’s blood type in case of an emergency transfusion
firefighting equipment
night vision goggles
tear gas launchers
and much more

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