Electric Limo Company in Plans to Stretch the Nissan Leaf

Electric Limo Company in Plans to Stretch the Nissan Leaf

Limo Broker is always excited to hear of up and coming limousines being introduced to the market, studying their originality to gage whether we should make them an addition to our fleet.

The 21st century preoccupation with being eco-friendly is definitely something that we are interested in, constantly keeping ourselves up-to-date with new introductions to the motoring industry.


A Springfield custom coach company have great plans to convert a Nissan Leaf into a stretched limo, an exciting venture that the industry eagerly awaits for.

“This will be the first conversion of this revolutionary vehicle and the first pure electric limousine,” said Electric Car Company president Gary Spaniak.

Imperial Coach Builders who are manning this project are a subsidiary of Electric Car Company, holding a great mission to see this limo concept through. They announced that they have received a purchase order from a transportation service to convert this vehicle into a limousine, stretching the all-electric car by 48 inches, resulting in an overall length of 223 inches.

This invention will introduce double the seating capacity of the Nissan, however not yet revealing how this seating will be structured.

They creators have left a plethora of features to our imagination, maybe suggesting that they will go down the route of constructing a conventionally formatted traditional limousine, nothing too outlandish or unique.

The carmakers have not mentioned the effect this stretch will inflict on the Leaf’s 3375-lb curb weight. The increase of 4 foot is defiantly going to have an impact on the weight but it is the way they deal with this that we are interested in.

So, if the Lincoln Limo is not for you, then maybe a zero-emissions eco-friendly Nissan Limo is right up your street! Should we add this vehicle to our repertoire? Share your thoughts…

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