After extensive research Transport Broker Group have signed a cleaning contract with E Clean, the eco-friendly cleaning company. Based in Wales, E Clean have been hitting headlines throughout Wales, working with a mission to clean up the office environment.

Limo Broker, as well as its sister companies, take their care for the environment very seriously, doing all they can to serve as an ethical business. From waste disposal to energy use, the list of measures taken is endless.

After learning of E Clean they were immediately enticed, always having a keen eye for innovation; Transport Broker Group invited E Clean into the office.

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After meeting with various cleaning firms throughout 2014 it quickly became apparent just how individual E Clean was, taking a completely different direction and attitude towards cleaning duties. A strong focus is placed on the fact that cleaning is not a duty but rather something to be celebrated, offering so much more than a spotless office.

With this Cardiff cleaning company the two firms can work together to ensure office cleaning is both affordable and serving to the environment. E Clean makes it their mission to provide the highest standard of cleaning in an environmentally friendly manner. Using harmless products and materials an ethos of admiration is influenced.

It was their modernity that initially caught the eye of the Transport Broker Group, practicing as an efficient and technologically driven business. From the sleek and clean, E Clean website to the paperless procedures, the business is both morally and business minded.

Victoria Gunstone, the founder of E Clean says:

‘We are delighted to be given the opportunity to work with Transport Broker Group, It is also nice to work with a firm who have the same ethos as we do, keeping things clean as well as green.

When we first met with Transport Broker Group we very excited as the huge office spaces. We look forward to working with the many businesses under the group’

E Clean seem to be making a substantial mark in the Cardiff cleaning sector, drawing up contracts throughout the area on a daily basis. Sporting a 21st Century attitude to the cleaning industry E Clean serve as South Wales’ answer to commercial, industrial and household cleaning.