While we have all had our fair share of holiday fun rarely can people say they have bought a party bus whilst away, something that Davie from Durham is now saying through gritted teeth. When in the full swing of the Ibiza lifestyle this holidaymaker regrettably opened up his eBay app, deciding to buy a £30,000 party bus from the shopping website.

Placed straight on his credit card Davie is now locked into an agreement to purchase the vehicle, an eventuality that he is far from proud of.

Explaining his predicament on Facebook, he wrote:

b62cd8c2cf95cc55faf106c35d46723a“So I was in Ushuaia last night absolutely loving life with not a care in the world, and the night just flew over, when I left the night club I took my phone out of my pocket and realised I had bought a £30,000 bus…. WTF.

“I actually can’t believe this is happening.. Ibiza ruins lives!!!! #fact P.s anybody want to buy a bus off me????” the partygoer continued.

Conjuring up a whopping 32,000 likes and 4,000 shares the people of Facebook evidently found this gentleman’s dismay rather amusing, with the post quickly going viral and shown on social media timelines across the UK.

Accompanied with an image to prove his drink-fueled purchase we at Limo Broker do sympathise with the Durham boy, however, party buses are pretty fantastic in our opinion.

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