Drive 09 Show

If you’re involved in the luxury transport industry, you can’t afford to miss Drive ’09. This unique event offers transport business professionals the opportunity to experience the latest innovations in technology, the most exclusive vehicles and the latest products.

Drive ’09 rolls into the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) in Wokingham, Berkshire for this two day event which runs from September 26th – 27th. If you’re a chauffeur, mechanic or business owner involved in the limousine, taxi or private hire industry, head down to Woking and put yourself head of the crowd. Be the first to get behind the wheel of the most exciting luxury vehicles and put these super cars through their paces on the private test track.

If your transport business is in its infancy, or if you’re the owner of an established firm and would like advice on how to push your company to the next level, you’ll be able to put your questions to transport officials and government agencies who will be present during the two day event. There will also be a selection of seminars where you’ll have the chance to meet like-minded people and experience the benefits of successful networking.

With over 1200 square foot of exhibition space, an array of informative seminars, fast cars, and world exclusive product launches, Drive ’09 promises to be a sensational event. Register your place now and look forward to an action packed weekend in Woking.

Visit this link for the limo show.

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