Drake and Rhianna party in limo

Drake and Rhianna party in limo

Having last week confirmed their romance singers Drake and Rhianna are hot topics, with Drake admitting he has been in love with the Bajan star for over ten years. Declaring their love for one another the R&B duo were the talk of the VMAs and haven’t stopped partying since. Spotted throughout America at gigs, dining out and in luxury cars with one another many have hinted at wedding bells, with some sourcing suggesting a Drake -Rhianna marriage to be in discussions.

Following the VMAs the lovebirds were spotted in a beautiful stretched limo, partying with fellow music sensation, Future. Heading to Nice Guy Rhianna was spotted due to her unavoidable image, with her glittering accessories ensuring her cover was well and truly blown. Sporting a denim jacket and adorned in diamonds passers-by threw themselves at the gorgeous limo, all wanting to grab a glimpse of America’s hottest couple.


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