With their presidential limousines made around the same time, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un have been involved in what we have branded ‘limo wars’. With each leader said to have trumped one another when it comes to the luxuriousness of their new vehicles, it appears Trump wanted to put the record straight. Just this week, the American leader gave the North Korean politician a private tour of ‘The Beast’; a limousine that cost over $1.6M.

United over a love of limos

The tour followed a ‘working lunch’ where the two minds met to ‘discuss business’. Heading to the bullet-proof, well-armoured car, the two leaders were snapped by paparazzi, seeming to be in good spirits and enjoying each other’s company. With Kim Jong-Un being a huge lover and advocate of American culture, the two leaders displayed unity, suggesting that rumours are true and they are working on ways for their countries to work together and flourish in unison.

However, it is unlikely that Jong-Un was too jealous, boasting his own beastly limousine. Coming in a little more expensive than its American counterpart, the North Korean Beast cost a whopping $2M to make; an S600 Mercedes Benz. With a long list of safety features and the finest interior money can buy, the two limousines have naturally been a subject of interest for the people of America and Korea, wanting to know where their tax money has been spent. However, nothing came as more of a shock as Kim Jong-Un’s request for an in-cabin toilet, wanting to do his business inside the limousine. However, many believe this to be a request based on paranoia, not wanting anyone to know the contents of his diet.

While varying in style, they are both spectacular in their own way, equally as impressive when it comes to defence accessories, comfort and the likes.

Let us know what you think; which limo gets your vote?