lambo aventA poll published in the New York Post has revealed that for decades we have studied the subject of attraction mistakenly, obtaining incorrect outcomes that are unreflective of the human condition.

This is extremely bad news for the flash Casanovas amongst us!

It seems that women do in fact view expensive super car owners as self-absorbed and time-wasting individuals, sporting fast exits across the board.

For years men have taken to the Ferrari in an attempt to enhance their love life, feeling that this will make them ooze with irresistible qualities that women go head over heels for.

Lets be honest Justin Bieber’s escapade in the yellow Lamborghini didn’t do much for his luck with the ladies did it?

Traditionally we thought that such views were a product of jealously, those who were not in reach of super cars whom were envious of the mark left on the road and in the mind of the female.

Learning that it is females not men that employ this view is a frightful discovery, wanting to understand the rationality behind this viewpoint.gollardo

The research proved that 56% of the females asked have said that such cars as Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s have become synonymous with ugly human characteristics.

Reportedly on women’s sighting of fast cars alarm bells of immaturity immediately begin to ring.

While women associate exoticism with arrogance and insecurity we at Limo Broker could not disagree more!

Where some see fast car lovers as ‘bad boys’ we feel that they are simply uneducated on the wonderful mechanics of such beautiful performance cars.

The majority of men that drive prestigious cars are not made up of ulterior motives but just rejoice in the celebratory cars of our time, enjoying Britain’s great scenery at an exhilarating speed.

As you may already know at Limo Broker we work very closely with our sister company, Regency car hire. Together we offer an inspiring collection of the worlds most elite performance cars, with many available as a self-drive option.

Where this American poll explores scepticism we feel the British view is somewhat detached. We know that we hire out amazing cars to both men and women, all wanting to turn on the engine, not the opposite sex.

So, what do you think of men who drive fast cars?

Please leave your thoughts.