Kudos Roadshow

Kudos Roadshow

8 lucky competition winners were treated to a private gig from legendary Bhangra producers, DJ H and Jas Johal last week. The extravagant DJ’s wanted to celebrate the launch of their new roadshow, Kudos Music, with a bang so instead of choosing a top London nightclub as his venue of choice, he opted for an exclusive Hummer limo.

Special cables and a raft of sound engineers were drafted in to fix the £150,000 limo up with speakers and decks to allow DJ H to work his magic. The limo usually carries up to 16 passengers but with all the equipment needed to make the gig possible, there was room to seat the 8 winners and no more.

DJ H reeled off a list of his hits whilst the mobile music venue toured the streets of London delighting passers-by who were treated to an impromptu gig. The Bhangra tracks “Ishq Brandy” and “Jawani” featuring Late Kaka Bhaniawala went down a storm with several of the party-goers insisting upon a repeat performance. To add to the suspense of the occasion the 8 competition winners were blindfolded and seated in the limo with DJ H ready at the decks before being allowed to remove their blind folds.

Kudos Music is DJH’s own music production company and a brand new project for the ambitious musician. Already in demand all over the U.K and India, DJ H is hoping to focus upon his own brand of music and entertainment through his new venture. Previously working with Calibar Roadshow as one of the most popular wedding DJ’s in the country, DJ H could think about adding mobile wedding car disco to his list of services after the triumph of his limo gig.

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