Shabby 1950's Daimler limo rescued by classic car lover and restored to its former glory

A dilapidated Daimler limousine which had been left to go to rack and ruin parked outside a house in Watford, has been transformed and is now up for sale on the internet auction site eBay.

Local residents on the street where the vintage car had been parked estimated that the vehicle had been in the same spot for the past 40-50 years. After the owner of the Daimler, Roy Steward, passed away last year, local classic car enthusiast Steven Tompkinson contacted the executor of the will to ask if he could have the car to restore.

The executors agreed to allow Mr Tompkinson to have the run-down 1950’s Daimler limo for free. However he did have to to foot the bill to have the car removed from its Watford street, which was far from a simple task.

50-years-worth of debris surrounded the car which made it difficult to free it from the spot where it had sat for all this time. Two wheel jacks were also still attached to the rear of the limo which hampered the operation further. A crowd gathered to watch as the Daimler DE36 was finally freed and transferred to its new home on the back of a vehicle recovery truck.

Just over two months later, and the wreckage has undergone a Cinderella like transformation and now looks set to enjoy a new career as a wedding car. The limo is now up for sale on the internet auction site with an asking price of £2,500.

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