David Haye is best known for his affiliation with the boxing world, defeating his opponents both physically and vocally. Being the inventor of ‘The Haymaker’ it seems his strength is not his only talent, illustrating a flare for the finer things in life.

Bi7vskcIEAAGF7iEncompassing this sense of loudness throughout his life it appears this love of noise and extravagance is relevant when choosing his cars.

Our sister company, Regency.co.uk lent David Haye their Lamborghini Aventador for the day, seeing him race around a track whilst playing Rush Poker at the same time! Self-drive sports cars have become a prominent pastime amongst our British celebrities with Regency having to double their fleet over the last year. We at Limo Broker understand why high figures are choosing Regency, the only firm offering such a diversity of self-drive supercars.

Rush Poker is a popular variant of poker available at Full Tilt Poker, a company that challenged Haye to play in the Lamborghini. The game allows players to instantly play another hand after folding, giving way to a higher number of hands than your usual game of poker. Haye was urged to fight against time and play as many hands as possible in 60 seconds.

However, travelling in one of the fastest cars in the world this inevitably became problematic. The beautiful Lamborghini raced around the track for this challenge, showing off the impressively tuned engine whilst throwing Haye around, just as he does to his opponents in the ring.

This exciting episode occurred at Rockingham Motor Speedway and saw Haye’s passion for cars and cards combine as one.

Haye seemed overly excited whilst preparing for the battle, taking his gloves off to play poker on his phone. These kinds of flamboyant activities is what David Haye is best known for and we at Limo Broker commend him.

Bi7uIIxIUAAoPAkHe tweeted his anticipation of hiring Regency’s Lambo, claiming to feel sick with adrenaline:

‘About to race against time at Rockingham track in a Lambo LP700 playing as many hands as poss on @FullTiltPoker #RushPoker #Ad #FeelSick’

Being a former WBA heavyweight champion the only option for him is triumph. In our opinion anyone who chooses a Lamborghini to drive is a winner in our eyes.

If you want to drive in style just as David Haye has done this week contact Regency today and hire the exact same car.