Kind hearted dad buys fire engine to transport 17-year-old daughter to her end of year prom

A fire fighter dad from Minehead in Somerset went to great lengths to ensure his daughter made an entrance to remember when she arrived at her school prom earlier this month.

56-year-old Chris Jones had promised his daughter that he’d transport her to her end of year prom in a red fire engine. However the plan for the grand entrance looked in serious doubt after the fire station boss informed Chris that he wouldn’t be able to borrow one of the fire engines for the special occasion because of health and safety reasons.

Determined not to let his daughter down on her prom day, the fireman from Somerset decided to track down his own red engine. After scouring the internet, Chris found a 1973 Commer Commando red fire engine for sale for £1,750. Anxious to not disappoint his prom-going daughter, Chris snapped up the vintage engine.

Along with a fancy outfit and a new hairdo, prom day transport is high up on the list of priorities for prom-goers. Not surprisingly limousine hire companies report being booked out months in advance on peak prom dates.

17-year-old Rebecca was described by her dad as being “quite emotional” when he rolled up in the red engine to whisk her away to her school prom. Fireman Chris says he now needs to decide whether he’ll keep the engine now the special prom date has come and gone.

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