Due to the severe flooding throughout the country the news is filled with updates and information on the weather forecast. There does not seem to be much movement in regards to the rain or the people with transport providers letting thousands down, as they do not want to face the elements.


Bad weather in Britain is not a new thing yet the recent downpour has come as a shock to many. Bus, rail and taxi firms are constantly removing their services from the people with many left in a state of helplessness.

With vehicles breaking down and becoming stranded the world seems to have come to a standstill, leaving workers, travellers and schoolchildren without travel.

In the 21st century we should not let a little rain stop us in our tracks, an issue that Coach Broker wants to address.

Coach Broker seems to have been the nations safety net, offering discounted coach travel for people throughout the country who have experienced last minute cancelations elsewhere.

Daniel Ford, a manager at Coach Broker says:

‘We are more than happy to provide our services in times like this, it makes our work worth while. We have received hundreds of calls today with people being let down by public and private transport companies and we just wanted to help. We will be running these discounts throughout the week and urge our customers to get booked in as soon as they can’


The rail service seems to be the only place we can locate a dry spell with the immersion of water on the tracks putting services on hold.

Emma Compton, a forecaster at the Met Office, said more wet weather is forecast throughout the week.

She said: “There is quite a lot of rain to come today. Wales and Dartmoor will see most of this, with 30 to 40 mm of rain falling in some areas.

“It’s going to be a windy day as well, with gales around the coast in parts of the south, South West and Wales.

“But Saturday is going to be the really windy day as we could see gales anywhere, with stronger winds along the coast. Gales of up to 70mph are most likely along exposed parts of the coast, particularly across the South West as well as northern parts of Devon and Cornwall, and Wales.”

Ms Compton added: “On the hills in Wales, North West England and Scotland these showers will fall as snow, but lower lying land will see more rain.”

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