Coach Broker were thrilled to have chauffeured The Vamps on Saturday, being a part of the Friday Download filming process.

Friday Download is a BAFTA award-winning children’s entertainment programme, produced by Saltbeef Productions.

Being an amalgamation of dance, style, music, gaming and TV, the show has become a family household favorite, encouraging millions to switch over to CBBC every weekend.

The film features Amy Whinehouse’s goddaughter Dionne Bromfield as well as Tyger Drew Honey, who is a former Friday Download presenter and star of the hilarious sitcom, Outnumbered.

Being such a huge hit across the country the demand for more has been colossal, with children and parents alike craving their Friday Download fix.

As a result of the popularity the show has generated; Friday Download has gone down the same route as many other successful shows do, trying their luck in the film industry.

With the decision to create a film came an influx of interest from huge stars such as The Vamps, wanting to be a part of this unique creation.

Britain’s Got Talent stars Bars and Melody will also be making a cameo appearance in the film, being a significant focus of the four-week shoot.

Having been guests on the show previously The Vamps have been successful in advertising Friday Download, wanting to showcase their talent through the platform of film.

The producers, Jules Elvins and Dan Shepherd, said the film “targets a TV audience that is under-represented in the cinema and we hope to put that right”.

The minds behind this creation seem to be ticking all the right boxes to create a box office hit.

With The Vamps employing an international fan base we anticipate their supporters will head to the cinema on the opening night.

If you are lucky enough to see the film on the big screen be sure to keep your eye out for Coach Broker’s back coach!