This week, French car manufacturers Citroen attempted to draw attention to their luxury brand by launching an extravagant concept car packed with outlandish features.

Citroen DS – the luxury sub-brand of Citroen – has been enjoying plenty of success on the market as buyers flock to purchase luxury vehicles thanks to the economy finally picking up pace. Now, with one of Europe’s biggest auto shows less than one month away, the company has revealed a new concept car that’s sure to get people talking.

The Divine DS, as it’s known, has shaken off all Citroen branding, suggesting a move towards marketing the DS line in its own right in Europe as it has in China – and this concept car could well provide an insight into the direction that brand intends to take. Similar in size to the Citroen DS4, the Divine boasts a 1.6-litre turbo four engine with 270 horsepower – however where this vehicle makes its mark is in its design.

On the outside, the vehicle’s sharp angles and bold features make for a good-looking car, with out-there innovations such as a faceted roof ‘designed to resemble the scales of a reptile’ which opens to deploy rear-view cameras. However it’s on the inside that things really get interesting. Designed to reflect ‘hate couture’, the interior is available in thee themes: Male (with carbon fibre and red stitching), Parisienne Silk (with pleated silk and ivory leather) and Fatale Punk (probably the most outlandish design, with black padded leather and fabric embedded with Swarovski crystals).

Combined with other interesting features such as laser headlights and a holographic head-up display, the Divine DS is sure to garner plenty of interest when it appears in the flesh at the Paris Motor Show.