Cheryl won't sing live on the X-Factor

Cheryl won't sing live on the X-Factor

X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole will be centre stage herself this week as she makes her debut performance as a solo artist on the Sunday night results show. However the Geordie singer has come in for quite a bit of stick as show officials have admitted that she will be miming the majority of her performance.

Some fans of the show have criticised the decision for Cheryl to mime her track, Fight For This Love, as the show’s contestants are expected to sing live every week and have very little experience of performing in comparison to the Girls Aloud star. However a bad performance from Cheryl on the X-Factor could put the scuppers on her big plans for a solo career which is a risk her record company are not willing to take.

Also taking to the stage that night will be international singing sensation Whitney Houston who will be giving her first UK TV appearance in 12 years. It is not known yet whether Whitney will sing live or not.

However Cheryl is no stranger to performing on the X-Factor. Only last year, along with the rest of the Girls Aloud gang, Cheryl belted out a live rendition of their single at the time, Promise. A show insider said the performance was not as good as expected as the girls had little time to prepare beforehand. To avoid another lack-lustre performance, Cheryl will this year record her vocals in front of a live audience before the show, however she will sing selected parts of the song completely live.

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