Cher Lloyd appears to have been on the receiving end of a harsh tweet from her former mentor, Cheryl Cole this week, after the teenage singer made some unfavourable comments about the Girls Aloud star in a recent radio interview.

The Swagger Jagger singer was asked in the interview for Real Radio North West whether she’d consider performing with Cole in the future, to which Cher replied, only if the Promise This singer would sing live, implying in her next answer that Cheryl Cole uses autotune during her performances. In a separate dig, the teen remarked that she has more chance of winning the lottery than catching up with the X Factor judge who championed her on the ITV show.

The news of Cher’s scathing comments obviously got back to Cheryl Cole who took to her Twitter account to post this message, which is likely to be aimed at the girl many dubbed her protégé, “Be careful who you kick on your way up…they kick twice as hard on your way down #unappreciationisugly.” While Cheryl didn’t explicitly state the tweet was aimed at Cher, many are drawing that conclusion in the light of the X Factor runner up’s recent remarks.

According to 18-year-old Cher Lloyd, not winning the 2010 X Factor and instead coming in fourth place was the best outcome for her as it means she has more control over her music. Matt Cardle eventually went on to become the eventual winner of the 2010 series.