A chauffeur driven Toyota Avensis was used to take the Transport Minister on a mile trip into work

Despite the new Prime Minister’s pledge to get ministers out of the limo and onto the tube, it has been reported that the Transport Minister Philip Hammond used an official government limo to travel the 1 mile journey to work last week.

Reports say a chauffeur driven Toyota Avensis waited outside the minister’s £2 million house for almost 30 minutes before Phillip Hammond emerged and was taken on the 1 mile journey from his home, to his offices in Westminster.

Sloane Street Tube Station is just a few minutes walk from the Government minister’s house, plus there are numerous bus stops in the vicinity as well, but instead of utilising public transport, Mr Hammond made the short trip to work in a chauffeur driven car.

The Transport Minister is said to have called upon the services of the chauffeured government limo for a second time on the same day last week. Despite the fact that it would take just 3 minutes to walk from the House of Commons to Department of Transport HQ, Mr Hammond chose to make the journey in the limo.

Labour MPs have been quick to criticise the Tories, calling David Cameron’s vow to cut down on unnecessary use of official cars as a “hollow promise.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Transport has defended Mr Hammond’s actions saying the minister only uses a government car “when his diary dictates to ensure he fulfils his duties in the most efficient way possible.” The spokesperson added that the Transport Minister had only used the chauffeur driven car on one occasion during the whole of last week.

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