Limo Chauffeur

Limo Chauffeur

Is the economic downturn affecting the chauffeur and limousine industry? Well, that is the question a brand-new industry survey is asking, exclusive to

It is common knowledge that the car market has slowed to an all time low – so have car manufacturers been successful in targeting fleet buyers who need to replace vehicles on a regular basis?

A similar survey was carried out a few years ago, and focused on what brands chauffeurs and limousine owners were driving. Now, during the recession, is concentrating on finding out if operators are planning to increase their fleets and if they have experience a decline or increase in bookings.

Many say their hire bookings have never been so high, but then the industry has seen a record amount of business collapse in the past twelve months.

Nick Clarke from Star Limousine based in East Sussex commented; “We have just reported a record high in limousine bookings in recent months. It seems as if clients still have extra cash in their pockets to spend on special occasions”

He added; “We also represent the largest coachbuilders in the world, Krystal Enterprizes, so we see both sides of the limousine industry. Although sales have slowed down, we have not had a decline in the operators wanting to buy – it is just the issue of getting finance which sometimes causes problems.”

The survey is open to every operator within the trade and it can be found here:

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