charlWales’ finest Charlotte Church was back on the front pages last week when she stepped out to perform at the launch of her friend’s debut album. The 23 year old songstress looked relaxed and toned as she attended the event in Cardiff wearing a royal blue maxi dress. Charl’s long term boyfriend Gavin Henson was by her side despite rumours the pair have enjoyed a few cracking rows in the same week.

According to the crazy chick singer’s Twitter page, she has slimmed down from a size 14 to size 12 with the help of her beloved Gav. She’s been on a protein-heavy diet and a full exercise regime which includes swimming, running and long walks with their dogs. One onlooker saw the pair exercising near their home in the Vale of Glamorgan and said “Charlotte was running up and down a gentle incline with Gavin by her side.” 

The favourite celebrity couple have kept a low profile in recent months as they take time to adjust to their ever expanding family. Instead of hitting the city clubs the attention-shy duo are more likely to be seen enjoying a good-old-knees-up in a local pub. Charl was reported to have treated pub-goers at a seaside town in West Wales to an impromptu concert. Apparently the boisterous singer was trading songs for drinks, charging a pint to belt out a hit.

But wherever Charl and Gav go, controversy isn’t far behind them. The channel 4 chat show host was said to have kicked off at Gav on a night out in Cardiff last week after he was seen having a friendly chat with his ex-girlfriend Amy Bohan. The couple were also said to have had a heated exchange at The Roof Bar in Bridgend recently when Wales and Osprey’s rugby star Gavin, refused to dance with Charlotte; they reportedly left in separate taxis.

Originally from Anglesey but moved to Cardiff earlier this year after living in London for the past 4 years. Having undertaken a degree in English Literature from the University Of Wales Bangor, I won a place at The Drama Centre London, Central Saint Martins to study towards a Masters degree.

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