Chancellor’s Budget Revealed £30Bn is to be Spent on UK Roads

Whatever industry you work in, you will no doubt have had an opinion on this year’s Autumn Budget. Announcing various pending changes, Budget announcements infamously split opinion. And this year was no different.  

However, one thing that we can all surely agree on is that Government’s pledge to spend £30bn on improving our roads is a good thing. Welcomed by our chauffeur drivers and of course, our customers, big changes for our transport infrastructure are on the horizon.  

But, how will the money be spent? Well, according to Chancellor Phillip Hammond, £420million will be given to local councils, with the money being handed over during this financial year. This will be with the intention of “tackling potholes, repairing damaged roads, and keeping bridges open and safe”.  

Upgrades and new motorways  

These upgrades will be actioned between 2020 and 2025. While a huge focus has been placed on upgrading our roads and lanes, there have been talks of additional motorways being created, making Britain a safer place to drive with less congestion. An additional £150M will be put towards making improvements to local roads. This will typically involve constructing roundabouts, extra lanes and so on.

The money has come from the National Roads Fund; a pot of cash that can been funded by the road tax you and I pay every year. This is however the first time money from road tax has been spent in this way. 

Fuel and autonomous transport  

As well as an improved transport infrastructure, UK drivers were also thrilled to hear that tax on fuel duty will not increase this year. This is ninth year in a row rates have been frozen. Money will also be injected into local transport projects. These include routes for cycling, trams and buses, with Government also supporting “next-generation methods of transport” like autonomous vehicles.  

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