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Transport for the UEFA Euros 2016

With the Euros being one of the most prestigious tournaments on the sporting calendar great transport is a necessity, ensuring sporting fans can make the most of the games they are eager to see.

With kick-off in May it is definitely time to start thinking about how you will get to and from the stadiums, requiring solutions that mirror the importance of the event.

With a strong affiliation with the sport we ensure our customers are spoilt for choice, putting a large number of options their way.

Vehicles available for the Euros

At Limo Broker we can offer various vehicles for hire including, bus not exclusive to the following:

  • Limousines
  • Chauffeur cars
  • Party buses
  • Novelty vehicles
  • Coaches
  • Sports cars
  • Self-drive vehicles
  • Helicopters
  • Private Jets
  • And much more!


Where transport to sporting events is infamously pricey we aim to help fans locate competitive rates, searching our network of providers to find the perfect travel solution. Renowned for surprising customers with low cost rates for travel we have fast evolved into the UK’s first choice for sporting transport, boasting an unparalleled reputation amongst supporters.

Make an enquiry

To learn more about our hire services contact us today and speak with a member of the sales team. They will talk you through the long list of options available to you and your group.

Top Tips for Planning an Office Christmas Party

With December encroaching upon us alarmingly fast it is time to start thinking about the event of the year, the office Christmas party! Being a time in which workers can celebrate the professional triumphs of the year, people go to great lengths to make the annual party fun, being an occasion that has to be planned to perfection.

Having helped plan thousands of Christmas parties over the years we at Limo Broker thought we would share our top tips with you, helping you arrange an event devoid of stress.


Piggy bank with christmas hat isolated on white background

Getting a budget in place is incredibly important when planning such an event, with the planner needing to know the limits in which they can take the night. With venue hire, food and drink, transport and many other services to think about, it is essential that you have a solid budget set aside, ensuring you have enough the allocate to each service.


Location is something that should be thought about at length, making sure you choose a venue that is appropriate for all staff members. With the price of taxis and long bus journeys infamously encouraging last-minutes drop-outs it is best to get your numbers secured as early as possible, selecting a venue that is not too far out and not too alternative.

Food and drink


Being the highlight of most people’s night food and drink plays an integral role in any prolific event, being a talking point in which everyone can relate to. Set menus are always a good idea, giving colleagues a food option prior to the night. By doing so you swerve those annoying moans from the fussy eaters of the group.



The journey to the venue is always the most memorable part of the night, a time in which people can let lose, have fun and gear up for the night ahead. Understanding how to party we at Limo Broker offer a vast range of vehicle options for Christmas parties including:

  • Limousines
  • Chauffeur cars
  • Party bus hire
  • Coaches
  • Supercars
  • Helicopter

And much more

To learn more about hiring transport for your Christmas party contact us today and speak with a member of our sales team.

Top 5 Haunted Destinations to Visit This Halloween

With the scariest night of the year creeping up on us it is time to start thinking about how you will travel the frightful streets of the city on the 31st October, making sure you have a plan of action that will encourage the most fun.

This is why we at Limo Broker thought we would share some of the eeriest destinations our country has to offer. Here are our top five scary destinations; we hope they give you some spooky inspiration!

Borley Rectory


Sat on misty Essex land this Victorian mansion claims to be the most haunted location in the UK, a tagline that many thrill-seekers find intriguing as the end of October looms.Following a fire in 1939, reports suggesting paranormal activity peaked, with the majority of visitors claiming to feel the presence of the unknown when at the manor.

The most shilling tale from this Essex property is one involving a nun and a monk from the monastery; two people that planned to elope but were caught before doing so. The monk was allegedly beheaded and the nun was buried alive within the walls of Borley Rectory! She is believed to be haunting the property as we speak!

The Jamaica Inn


Built in 1750, the Jamaica Inn was a spot that welcomed weary travellers and smugglers of whisky and tea, a place where people congregated to enjoy the fruits of their criminal activities. Legend tells that whoever stays at the Jamaica Inn will enjoy a host of sinister noises including horses and cartwheels whisking past.

The Village of Pluckley


Pluckley village has over the years gained a reputation for being the most haunted village in Britain, with residents and visitors alike blasting the atmosphere as unnerving.

With around 16 ghost sightings being reported myths include tales of a screaming man, a highwayman who appears at Fright Corner, a schoolmaster found hanged by a group of children and an old woman who simply sits and smokes.

The Tower of London


Having been examined by a wealth of paranormal investigators The Tower of London is seldom thought as a light-hearted destination, with many believing the tower to welcome the late Henry VI on the anniversary of his death.

In addition to Henry VI The White Lady is said to often make an appearance, waving at groups of children in a manor that echoes the most disturbing horror film you have ever seen.

Chillingham Castle


Chillingham Castle dates way back to the 12th century, an era well-known for its spooky encounters. Featuring a rather well-kept torture dungeon one cannot help but to feel rushes of macabre when visiting Chillingham Castle, with only the strongest of minds able to complete the organised ghost hunts.

Hire a Ghost or Phantom for your travels

Offering scarily cheap rates for Rolls Royce hire this month we at Limo Broker urge everyone to stay safe this Halloween, making use of our facilities on a night reserved for both ghoulish and foolish behaviour. Whether you are looking to visit any of the frightful destinations mentioned or are just going to hit the town, be sure to make the most of this halloween and travel in style.

Contact us today and learn more about the various transport options at hand.

10 Starline Limo Buses Sold at the Coach and Bus Live Show 2015

Yesterday marked the closing day of the Coach and Bus Live Show, one of the largest industry exhibitions of the year. Welcoming some of the biggest names through the NEC doors the show was a complete success, celebrating the latest products and services to hit the UK transport market.

Unveiling new technology, suppliers and coach and bus builders there was a lot of competition, with a variety of businesses to contend with. However, the Starline Limo Bus stole the show, being the loudest, most exiting stand Birmingham has ever seen.

Tej Randeva, sole distributor of these bespoke-made limo buses says:

‘We were incredibly humbled by the amount of attention and compliments our buses received on the stand, especially from coach operators.’Being a market that coach operators are seldom to get involved in Starline was shocked to see how many coach companies wanted to add an exciting element to their fleet, offerings something a little different than the standard coach or minibus.

Show 3

Exceeding expectations – 10 Starline Limo Buses Sold!

‘Before the show we set out with a vision to sell one bus, with the show being more about getting our name out there in the industry’.

Selling 10 buses in total the Starline bosses were overwhelmed by the demand displayed, with coach builder Gary Johns putting this success down to the buses’ elaborate nature.

‘When building the Starlines we wanted to create a vehicle that could be hired for a wealth of occasions. With our first two prototypes being extremely in demand for weddings, hen dos, stag does, proms, birthdays as well as corporate events we knew we had created a vehicle that operators would want to invest in’.

Selling a bus within the first 30 minutes of the show the exhibition started as it meant to go on, with publications including Coach and Bus Week and Route One Magazine eager to climb inside the two Starlines on display. Enjoying a complimentary cocktail and a goodie bag packed with treats the stand was quickly branded ‘the party stand’ with professionals from all types of businesses intrigued to learn more about the buses.


Transport Broker Group scheme

Although the buses basically sold themselves it was the hire scheme being offered that got people excited, with every purchaser getting guaranteed £10,000 worth of free work from Transport Broker Group, but more importantly an agency approval with Limo Broker, Coach Broker & Cars for Stars.

‘The main gamble with investing in a new vehicle like this is not getting the work, this is why buying a Starline is a unique purchase, getting the support you need to get the vehicles out on the road’ Tej Randeva continues.

Buy a Starline Limo Bus

If you are interested to learn more about the Starline Limo Bus then visit the website today. There you will find more information about how the buses are built and the equipment and features you will find inside.

Rolls Royce Introduce Bespoke ‘History of Rugby’ Wraith

With all UK rugby fans making their way out of the woodwork it is understandable why brands are trying to capture our attention, creating rugby-themed products in order to entice us into a purchase. The latest company to do so is surprisingly Rolls Royce, introducing the ‘Wraith – History of Rugby’ edition.

Celebrating the illustrious history of the game, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is extremely excited to unveil this unique creation. Made in the Bespoke Design Studio in Goodwood the car is quintessentially British, with various features echoing the feel of the sporting spirit.



The first change is to the exterior, adorned in “English White” paint. This change is said to represent the Rugby jerseys worn by the English rugby team.

Continuing Rolls-Royce’s reputation for  personalisation, the Wraith’s signature shoulder-line is made the key signifier by a hand-applied coachline in deep green, featuring an English rose motif in red. Each headrest of the car features an embroidered red rose also, with Hotspur Red spilled onto the dashboard accent panel, seat as well as the door piping.

James Crichton, Regional Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Europe, commented,

“This truly unique Wraith emphasises vision and individuality, inspired by the role it plays within a team. While the game of rugby may have been inspired by the act of one individual, it is one of the world’s most popular team sports. In a similar vein, this one car represents the efforts of the team of engineers and craftspeople working at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, producing the most individual motor cars in the world.”

Book a Rolls Royce to get to the game

If you are considering something more luxurious than a coach or minibuses then we at Limo Broker can arrange for Rolls Royce Wraiths, Phantoms and Ghosts to chauffeur you to and from the stadium. Call us today and learn more about our Rugby World Cup transport services.