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Limo Hire for Spice Girls Concert: Book in Early!

Last week the announcement was made that the Spice Girls (yes, the Spice Girls!) were going on tour. Returning as a 4-piece band, Victoria Beckham has hung up her dancing shoes, leaving Geri, Mel B, Mel C and Emma to belt out the classics.

Tickets sold out nearly instantly, smashing ticket sale records for the group. Leaving many fans disheartened, the Spice Girls decided to add another date to the tour, playing at the Principality Stadium, Cardiff, on May 27th 2019.

Already have Spice Girls tickets? You will need to arrange your transport!

Whether attending the Manchester, London, Bristol, Edinburgh or any other show, you will need to arrange your transport pretty quickly. With the majority of fans wanting to mark this glorious occasion by hiring a stunning car, luxury vehicle hire brands are already heavily in demand.

How can Limo Broker can help?

Here at Limo Broker, we boast the largest network of luxury cars and limousines in the country, sharing an exquisite range of transport options with our customers. In recent years, we have become people’s first port of call when looking for cars to get to concerts, eager to spice up our customers’ lives with beautiful cars.

As well as Limo Broker’s home, Cardiff, the ladies will also be playing at the following locations:

  • Manchester Etihad Stadium – June 1st
  • Coventry Ricoh Stadium – June 3rd
  • Sunderland Stadium of Light – June 6th
  • Edinburgh BT Murrayfield Stadium – June 8th
  • Bristol Ashton Gate Stadium – June 10th
  • London Wembley Stadium June 15th

What cars/limos are available for the Spice Girls concert?

If you are looking to rent a luxury vehicle to get to and from the concert, then we at Limo Broker can help, offering great rates to hire the following:

  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Lincoln Towncar Limousine
  • Starline Party Bus
  • Range Rover Sport
  • BMW 3 Series
  • BMW X5
  • BMW X6
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Bentley GT
  • Bentley Arnage
  • And much more!

To reserve your car, contact our friendly team. Alternatively, book your cars, limos and party buses using our sleek online booking system. It takes just 60 seconds and secures you the best rental price possible.

Limo Broker fleet featured in new punjabi music video by Rajveer & Dr Zeus

At Limo Broker our fleet of highly desirable cars are hired for a multitude of events. From birthdays and proms to staff nights out and weddings, being the perfect transport solution for many occasions.

Of late we have become the UK’s first port of call for music video production companies, looking to incorporate editions of our collection into musical masterpieces.

Being the most stunning visual displays you can get we were overjoyed to be selected to enhance the set of a Punjabi music video recently, helping the worldwide music producer Dr Zeus with his latest single.

The song is called Pakka Sharabi, featuring Rajveer, channelling both British and Asian influences to create a unique Bhangra sound.

With a proven track record of success we expect his fans to be pretty impressed with this latest musical creation, especially the video.

Our cars take centre stage in the video, providing Dr Zeus with the image of wealth and importance that he wants to convey. From Lamborghinis to Rolls Royce Phantoms, it is safe to say that fans are in for a real treat with this latest release.

If you are yet to see the Limo Broker fleet in action then you can watch the video below or visit

Let us know what you think.

Coach Broker Chauffeur The Vamps for Friday Download Film

Coach Broker were thrilled to have chauffeured The Vamps on Saturday, being a part of the Friday Download filming process.

Friday Download is a BAFTA award-winning children’s entertainment programme, produced by Saltbeef Productions.

Being an amalgamation of dance, style, music, gaming and TV, the show has become a family household favorite, encouraging millions to switch over to CBBC every weekend.

The film features Amy Whinehouse’s goddaughter Dionne Bromfield as well as Tyger Drew Honey, who is a former Friday Download presenter and star of the hilarious sitcom, Outnumbered.

Being such a huge hit across the country the demand for more has been colossal, with children and parents alike craving their Friday Download fix.

As a result of the popularity the show has generated; Friday Download has gone down the same route as many other successful shows do, trying their luck in the film industry.

With the decision to create a film came an influx of interest from huge stars such as The Vamps, wanting to be a part of this unique creation.

Britain’s Got Talent stars Bars and Melody will also be making a cameo appearance in the film, being a significant focus of the four-week shoot.

Having been guests on the show previously The Vamps have been successful in advertising Friday Download, wanting to showcase their talent through the platform of film.

The producers, Jules Elvins and Dan Shepherd, said the film “targets a TV audience that is under-represented in the cinema and we hope to put that right”.

The minds behind this creation seem to be ticking all the right boxes to create a box office hit.

With The Vamps employing an international fan base we anticipate their supporters will head to the cinema on the opening night.

If you are lucky enough to see the film on the big screen be sure to keep your eye out for Coach Broker’s back coach!

Limo Broker is Offering Discounted Limo Hire for Eminem Concert at Wembley Stadium!

Eminem has been named as the first ever rapper to headline a show at the Wembley Stadium, a musical event that simply cannot be missed.

If you are heading to Wembley this summer to see the one and only Eminem then you will need to arrange some equally as amazing transport for the show.

People are set to travel far and wide for this once in a lifetime concert, a show that will celebrate both his old and new material. Although an artist that has been around for over a decade Marshall Mathers is renowned for speaking to the modern music market, constantly gathering more and more fans.

This is Eminem’s first London appearance since 2001 when he played Hyde Park, an event that went down in musical history.

He has announced that he is not focusing on lengthy tours, but would rather put his efforts into these types of one-off concerts. “I’m not saying I’ll never be ready for that again, but right now, this is what’s working for me,” he said.

Where Eminem has always experimented with rap music he is particularly looking forward to performing with a live band during his July performances.

“It’s definitely better. It definitely brings a whole new element to it… There’s a whole different energy. It’s louder, it’s more in your face, it’s more explosive.”

Old Fu

Old Fu

The 90,000-capacity stadium is fully booked for this anticipated concert.

Although Eminem did employ some worries over whether or not he could play London it seems his infamous way of thinking has made it possible.

“I heard that I wasn’t going to be approved to play in Hyde Park and it made me even more excited to play in London this summer,” he said. “The easiest way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t do it. Thanks to the Royal Parks for making it all possible….for Wembley.”

Eminem is to be supported by Old Future, breaking the news over Instagram.

If you have tickets for the July concert then contact us today and hire a limousine, an executive car or even a super car to get you there.


Justin Bieber Disappoints Fans as he Skips Limo Assault Court Hearing

Justin Bieber has be a newsworthy subject for a good year having been involved in a drug, super car, egging and limousine scandal!

He was due in court to plead his innocence for an assault against a limo driver yesterday but did not show, disappointing the fans that awaited his arrival.

The figure of a limo driver is one synonymous with safety, making it their job to protect their passengers, especially when chauffeuring famous figures. It seems that Justin and his entourage took this for granted, harming their limo chauffeur in a violent manner.

Defence lawyer Brian Greenspan, who appeared on the singer’s behalf in an Old City Hall courtroom yesterday, said he has “independent witnesses” who can validate his actions on that day, proving that he did not assault the limo driver.

“We will pursue our independent witnesses, we will compare them to the witnesses that will be provided to us in disclosure, and decisions will be made,” he said outside court.

He was charged with assault back in January with his next court appearance dated for mid April.

Outside court a gang of Beliebers celebrated their love and support for the Canadian, with one screaming, “tell Justin I love him” as Greenspan stood outside the courthouse.

A laughing Greenspan responded: “I don’t think I will.”

Karen Phillips, 43, from Port Perry, said she was glad she brought her 14-year-old daughter even though Justin did not make an appearance.

“We had planned to come regardless if he was here or not,” she said.

Bieber’s music has helped Natalie deal with health problems, including a broken back and juvenile osteoporosis, she claimed.

“Yes, he maybe has done some things that he shouldn’t have done but he is growing up and hopefully learning from his mistakes and I’m just supporting her and trying to help her cope with her things that she’s had to deal with,” Karen Phillips said.

Roxy Hryshyk, 15, encouraged people to “just back off” Bieber.

“He should learn from his mistakes, but at the same time he’s young still and there’s a lot of pressure on him right now,” she said.

Outside court, Greenspan told reporters the case would proceed as a summary conviction matter, which is the “less serious way of proceeding.”

“But no decision has been made as to what will be done in the future.”

Bieber also faces legal troubles in the United States for egging a property and driving under the influence.

So, what do you think, did Justin Bieber assault his limo driver? Leave your comments…