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Vintage vs. Modern car hire

At Limo Broker we have found there to be a huge divide between car enthusiasts, those that hold a hankering to hire vintage classics and those that revel in modernity.

The high-tech vs. high-style argument has been in full force for decades, especially in regards to limousines. For this reason we thought we would explore chauffeur cars and limos from different ages, deciding where our true vehicle love lays.

Will all current cars survive long enough on the road to achieve the status of ‘vintage’?

It is worth noting that vintage Rolls Royces and Ferraris were once brand new, pulling into question what constitutes a ‘vintage model’? In a recent article about classic car insurance High Gear Insurance, UK brokerage, said:

‘Working with a number of insurance providers we have found that each company has their own definition of classic; therefore we partner customers with providers that best suit their demands. With classic car insurance being very specialist we tend to spend more time on such policies than any other vehicle type’.

Where some say cars are stamped with the classic label when they reach 20 years of age others go as low as 10 years, illustrating the blurred lines of classic and modern car categories.

Our modern cars


We have access to the largest fleet of cutting edge vehicles, those designed with the modern market in mind. Our most sought-after modern vehicles include the following:

  • 2015 Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • New shape Mercedes S Class
  • The Ferrari limousine

Young people like to be tested when it comes to their tastes, with the more unusual the vehicle the greater the need to travel in it. Being one of the only companies with access to cars like the Ferrari and Audi Q7 limousine we make sure we are always replenishing our fleet, adding vehicles that stand out.

Our vintage and classic cars


With many displaying a passion for older makes, especially for weddings, we boast the most an astounding fleet of classical vehicles including:

  • Bentley Proud Prince
  • Vintage Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Rolls Royce Silber Cloud
  • Classic Lincoln Towncar limousine
  • And much more

When considering vehicle hire tastes the occasion for hire must be considered, with different aged cars working for certain events. For instance if you are planning a traditional wedding then you will want your wedding cars to reflect that, opting for vintage vehicles to compliment the theme. Let us know what you think, do you prefer modern or vintage? Leave your comments below.

Top 5 Rolls Royce Cars

Although all Rolls Royce’ are distinctively designed masterpieces there are certain editions that we at Limo Broker hold in higher regard than others. As you know, as a company we are passionate about exciting cars, with the Rolls Royce brand really spoiling us when it comes to amazing transport.

Limo Broker believe that luxury travel manifests itself in the form of the Rolls Royce Phantom, Ghost, Wraith, Silver Cloud and Corniche, all exuding a prestigious feel.Let’s take a look through the features that make each of these cars so special.

The Rolls Royce Phantom


Over the years we at Limo Broker have continuously added to our range of Phantoms, believing the model to reign supreme when in a line of other chauffeur vehicles. From its opulent interior to its striking exterior, the vehicle has proven to be an extremely popular choice for travelling the UK in. The Phantom is particular popular for the following:

  • Business travel
  • Wedding transport
  • Prom transport

The Rolls Royce Ghost


This model is constantly being used for business travel, exhibiting a wealth of features that comfort important businessmen and women. From its gorgeous leather interior to its spacious nature, no car demands attention on the road like the Ghost can. As a result of the car’s personality many seek our services for airport transfers, high-end dinners and prolific anniversaries in the Ghost also.

The Rolls Royce Wraith



The Wraith is the epitome of wealth, made with luxury and sophistication in mind. It is said that the Wraith singe-handedly brought the British carmakers into a new era of success, recapturing the hearts of UK car lovers.

The Wraith is not only the most powerful vehicle Rolls Royce have ever made but is the closest thing to a Rolls Royce sports car, opening up Rolls Royce to a new, modern consumer market.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud


Only created from April 1955 to March 1966 the Silver Cloud is a highly sought-after marque in the Rolls Royce range, particularly popular amongst brides and groom wanting to make a extraordinary entrance to their wedding venue. Possessing that classic, honourable stature the Silver Cloud is an edition that we are very proud to offer our customers, sharing our love for exquisite travel with the people of Britain.

Rolls Royce Corniche



This car is a victor amongst vintage car collectors, being a very unusual, rare model. As well as being an admirable collector’s item the Corniche also provides us with a window into the past of Rolls Royce manufacturing. Sporting such honest, basic features any car lover who invests in one is the proud owner of a piece of history.

Let us know your thoughts on these 5 cars, which would be your preference?

The Oscars 2015 – The night of big speeches, dresses and limos

Last night the world celebrated The Oscars, the most prolific event on the entertainment calendar. The rich and famous emerged from all over the globe yesterday, adorned in Dior and Vera Wang, all displaying an adherence with the finer things in life.

With Lady Gaga and Rita Ora arguably thieving the limelight with two of the biggest dresses we have ever seen we wonder what cars could accommodate such large outfits. It seems that last night the stretched limousine stole the show, with the streets of Hollywood ram packed with seductive luxury limos. As well as offering room for such outlandish attire limos provide that classic beauty that actors and musicians want to bask in before such shows.

One limo boss says ‘It’s our biggest night of the year. I have to put on a magic show, and show who we are. It’s a red carpet for us, too,’ he says.

Chauffeuring some of the most influential individuals in the world limo drivers were under great pressure last night, needing everything to be perfect for their demanding passengers. This went for everything, from ensuring their vehicles are in pristine condition to offering refreshments that will enhance their night. One driver explained that the water had to be room temperature, not chilled, because ‘it can affect their voice’.

Getting to the after party

The night of the Oscars is just as celebrated for its after parties as it is for its awards, with many big names hosting incredible post-Oscar event.

One driver limo driver explains how in-demand limo drivers were last night.

‘Nearly everyone goes to a party after the Oscars – Vanity Fair, Elton John’s, the Governor’s Ball – and then there are the after-parties, which are usually at homes, on boats, or in hotels’.

If you would like to travel in ultimate style then contact us at Limo Broker today and get a price for limo hire. If it is good enough for The Kardashians then it is good enough for you!


TBG Sign Exclusive Rights Deal for Starline Limo Bus

Transport Broker Group is the UK’s leading luxury car hire supplier, boasting an astounding network of vehicle hire professionals. Being a hub of experience and knowledge, setting the standards of the industry it is no surprise that their expertise have been sought after, with the company signing a pretty exclusive deal today.

TBG has officially made allies with a UK based Limo Bus builder, now having sole distribution rights to the Starline Party Bus.

Tej Randeva, TBG founder says:

“This is the perfect partnership, you will be sure to see Starline vehicles throughout every city in the UK”.

Although staying with the promise to share this mesmerising new limo with the whole country TBG will be heavily targeting London operators first, promoting the Starline to their city partners.

“We have many London operators on our books that are always looking to make additions to their fleet. With the Starline being the best Limo Bus obtainable we are incredibly excited for what 2015 will bring”.

As well as having the limos TBG boasts the ability to help customer’s find exquisite transport, helping new London operators hire out their Starline fleet. This is an attractive investment for any vivacious entrepreneur.

‘We heavily promote luxury transport in the city and will use this venue to plan the future for the industry. Using our marketing skills we plan to encourage new businesspeople to join this flourishing scene’.

The Starline is a:

  • Mercedes Sprinter 516CDi XLWB Super-Extended
  • Automatic Transmission base Chassis
  • Right Hand Drive (Left hand also available upon request).
  • Digital Tachograph & Speed Limiter

It has Full IVA Certificate for 16 passengers supplied by VOSA.

Not only is the Limo Bus colossal in size but it is packed with impressive features. From its dancefloor and disco lighting its luxurious interior, the vehicle is comprised of various features that will make vehicles buyers hard to resist purchasing one.

The interior includes:

  • Driver’s partition wall with Privacy Curtain
  • Full Sound system
  • Full soft trim interior to complement seat trim.
  • Under-bar Fridge
  • Robust chrome-effect floor system with anti-slip features.
  • Front entrance LED step lights.
  • Generous luggage space (for long distance travels & airport transfers).

And much more!

If you are interested in the Starline then contact us today with your queries. A member of the sales team will talk you through everything you need to know.

Starline website:

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VIP Travel London: New limo operator set to launch in London

With London being both the business and party capital of the UK the need for luxury transport is great. At Limo Broker we have been hiring out party buses, limos and chauffeur cars throughout London for over a decade, ensuring weddings, proms, business trips and other events are celebrated to their entirety.

With the demand for luxury car hire in London always growing the city is constantly in need of new vehicles. The latest operator to introduce their fleet to London is VIP Travel, a company promising to offer affordable, luxury transport solutions in London.

What cars do VIP Travel have?

After studying London their research showed that London was in need of celebratory vehicles, cars that make for unforgettable experiences. With stretched limos and limo buses being the most sought-after vehicles for prom and hen parties the company have invested in an exquisite fleet.

Having sourced a fleet of party buses from Starline, London can expect nothing but extravagance when stepping inside a VIP Travel bus.

The brand new Starline Party Buses are fully fitted with luxurious interior, a dance floor, music systems and much more Londoners will be sure to be blown away when hiring a limo bus from VIP Travel.

Where are VIP Travel based?

Based in the heart of London the company brand themselves as the best option for luxury car hire in the city, promising to offer a better service as well as newer vehicles. In addition to offering a faultless transport solution VIP Travel claim to be the number 1 option when hiring luxury travel in London, Essex, Kent & the Home Counties.

If you are looking to hire a limo in London then check out

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