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A Big Year for BMW, Rolls Royce and Mini

As you will be well aware, here at Limo Broker we are luxury car fanatics, enjoying nothing more than adding new, beautiful chauffeur cars and sports cars to our already-exquisite fleet. Enjoying chauffeuring our customers for high-end events such as weddings, proms, birthday parties and corporate events, we are naturally in demand for Rolls Royces, BMWs and the likes; vehicles that possess a certain je ne sais quoi!  

And, over the course of the last 12 months, we have witnessed a notable trend, with more and more of our customers showing an interest in vehicles from said brands. This is something that has been noticed globally, with sales of such vehicles rocketing in 2018.  

According to BMW Group, the number of owners of BMW, Rolls Royce and Mini vehicles rose substantially in 2018, with the firm enjoying a record-breaking year.  

Figures released by the firm show that the group sold a 2.49 million cars during this defining year. However, with Daimler yet to reveal their statistics to the public, we are do not know whether or not BMW have yet again beat Mercedes Benz and the likes to the top.  

“BMW Group achieved record sales in 2018. 2.49 million vehicles mean the BMW Group is the world’s leading premium automotive company for the 15th year running,” said Chief Executive of the group, Harald Krueger confirmed in a recent statement. 

However, this is no real surprise, with the BMW X5 and the Rolls Royce Cullinan both being the recipients of a string of high-profile awards during the course of the year. As brands that seem to have perfected the balance between style and sustainable motoring, can we expect a repeat performance in 2019? We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this subject. Will the BMW Group reign supreme yet again?


Investigation reveals: Limo, Chauffeur car and Cab clocking is ‘putting lives at risk’

At Limo Broker we are all about fair practice, going to great lengths to adhere to transport and hire regulation. Being such a heavy-regulated industry ill practice is normally uncovered pretty quickly, putting the consumer at the forefront of the way in which we work. However, a new investigation carried out by Automotive experts HPI and consumer group has shown otherwise, proving that the practice of ‘clocking’ is very much present in today’s private hire industry.

Clocking refers to the practice of manually taking miles off of a vehicle’s odometer, making it look less worked than it actually is. With the introduction of eclectic-focused cars we would have thought this to be more difficult in modern times, however, it is a problem of today that brings with it a string of dangers.

Chris Hargreaves, of LTU, said:

Clocking within the private hire, minicab and chauffeur industry has reached epidemic proportions and something needs to be done to prevent this unscrupulous practice before a real tragedy happens.

Testing anonymously the two investigators were shocked to see just how many limos, taxis and private chauffeur cars were posing danger to its passengers, being a completely different car on paper to the reality shown under the bonnet.

The 330 clocked cars we found had about 80 million miles removed but that was just in the north west of England. UK-wide it’s safe to say that hundreds of millions of miles must have been wiped out thanks to clocking Hargreaves continued.

While associated with rogue traders this investigation saw many reputable companies within the space with tampered fleets.

he added; “It’s truly shocking to discover that reputable leasing companies are giving out lease agreements to the industry based on as little as 10,000 miles per year – 27.3 miles per day! Surely neither the vehicle manufacturers nor the leasing companies have to be in the industry to see the warning signs. In most local authority districts a licensed vehicle has to be doing at least 1,000 miles a week to make any money. So, why is any lease deal being done for less than, say, 50,000 miles per year? If any thought was given to these transactions, the ridiculously low mileage lease deals would never be signed up in the first place.”

The sales market

As well as ensuring vehicle owners are paying less for maintenance changing the number of miles on a vehicle also gives way to high asking prices, allowing traders to sell taxis, limos and chauffeur cars for more than they are worth.

Barry Shorto, Head of Industry Relations at Cap HPI, said:

“Our valuation data conclusively shows the potential cost to dealers and motorists of the clocking problem. With clockers able to add thousands of pounds onto the value of a car, unsuspecting buyers stand to lose out, as do dealers. That’s why we advise retailers and consumers alike to conduct a vehicle history check to spot a mileage discrepancy before they buy.”

He added;

“It can be almost impossible to tell a clocked vehicle just by looking at it, which makes a vehicle history check an even more vital form of protection for buyers. A clocked vehicle could be hiding serious levels of wear and tear, especially if it has been previously used as a high mileage private hire vehicle for a couple of years, meaning the additional cost of unexpected repairs or even a potentially serious safety threat to driver, passengers and other road users. An HPI Check can help protect consumers from buying a vehicle with something to hide, saving them cash and keeping them safe.”

Share your opinions on clocking

We would love to know more about what you think on the subject of clocking. To join in on the debate leave your opinions below.


Addison Lee buys Tristar Worldwide in £50m deal

With the news of Brexit threatening the idea of cross-boarder business ventures it appears UK hire firm, Addison Lee, refuse to play to predictions, today making a bolt business move that will change the hire market for the better.

Addison Lee has today released the news that they have purchased Tristar Worldwide for £50 million, forming Europe’s largest executive car service. Both focused at the higher end of the market this partnership is a corporate marriage that just makes sense, one that will no doubt continue to expand.

Addison Lee chief executive officer Andy Boland said: “This is a major landmark for our business. Coming together with Tristar means our shared ethos and commitment to quality, service and reliability can be expanded globally.”

Whilst many commentators suggested that the introduction of Uber could possibly affect the longevity of the traditionally London-based business it appears to have fought back, now set to operate in the US, Asia and continental Europe. Launching a new app that is now in use in Edinburgh, Liverpool and Cambridge could Uber have given the firm the boost they needed to branch out?

“Working with our partners, we will have a presence in 25 UK cities by the end of the year.” Boland continued.

5,000 –strong fleet

The combined Addison Lee-Tristar fleet now exists as Europe’s largest car service operator, supported by a workforce of 800 individuals.

Boland said: “There will be significant growth in the executive car market following the 15% jump in volumes we saw in 2015. With Tristar, we will be able to take our service to the next level and into new markets around the world.”

Let us know what you think, was this a great move by Addison Lee? Let us know what you think.


Bentley Bentayga Set to Dominate 2016 Car Sales Market

As one of the world’s ultimate prestige brands Bentley never compromise on perfection, renowned for creating mechanical masterpieces. This month they have teased us with the Bentley Bentayga, a car that strikes a chord with us here at Limo Broker.

The SUV markets itself as an off-roading monster, a car that combines the beauty of Bentley design with an aggressive approach to speed and ability. Echoing the sentiment of the increasingly popular Audi Q7 the SUV is set to take a front seat in 2016 car sales.


Daniel Ford, Sales Manager at Limo Broker understands the need for such an alternative design focus.

‘Nowadays people are looking for vehicles that tick all the boxes, demanding attractiveness and aggression simultaneously. This is why we ate Limo Broker are extending out vehicle range to include sizeable vehicles of this nature, catering to the UK’s ever-changing style’.

Encouraging an influx of reviews the Bentayga has passed the British car test with aplomb, with bloggers, reviewers and test-drivers all hailing the new Bentley model a resounding success.


Put in the safe hands of the Telegraph’s reviewers, the car seemed to go down a storm, with the publication heavily endorsing its features.

‘From behind the wheel, the Bentley feels every bit as accomplished and adaptable as you could wish. Eight driving modes – four on-road, four off-road – ensure it can cope with aplomb over any terrain by subtly altering engine response, air-suspension settings, active anti-roll bars and everything in between.’


With a starting price of £160,000 Bentley certainly have their sights set on the higher end of the market, attracting those that want to be seen in the latest addition to the Bentley fleet.

Let us know what you think, could you pay £160,000 for a basic version of the Bentayga? Leave your comments below.

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Thandi Coaches Invest in New Starline Limos Bus

Of late we have seen many companies across the country investing the new and innovative vehicles, with the hire market being in a period of dramatic change. People are now looking for more extravagant vehicles than your standard limousine or chauffeur car, with party bus rental now reigning supreme.

For this reason coach operator, Thandi coaches, have this week invested in an all-singing, all-dancing party bus, entering a completely new market with their business.

Claiming to be in a ‘spell of expansion’ the owner believes the Starline is just what the area needs, giving people an exciting alternative for birthdays, hen and stag dos, weddings, proms and many other occasions.

‘We are extremely excited about receiving our party bus. This has been a market in which we have been looking into for a few years and with the launch of the Starline the time just felt right’ claims Avi of Thandi Coaches.

Working with Limo Broker

Thandi Coaches will now be working closely with Limo Broker to get these vehicles amongst their potential customers, going to great lengths to share this unique vehicle with as many people as possible.

‘We are incredibly excited to be working with Thandi and spreading the news of their new purchase’ says Daniel Ford, Sales manager at Limo Broker.

‘Birmingham and the surrounding areas have been craving for something like this to hit the roads and we certainly look forward to getting the Starline out on the road’.

Bespoke built 

Although each Straline comes with standard features including televisions, luxury interior and Wi-Fi Thandi coaches also had their say in the way they wanted the vehicle, choosing to adorn the bus in Nero black paint, a colour that Starline are keen to work with again.

‘With such a great finish it is no wonder brands such as Ferrari tend to work with it, rally standing out when on the road’.

Hire a Starline Limo Bus

If you are interested in learning more about buying or hiring a Starline Limo Bus then get in touch today and allow us to help get the ball rolling.