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EZ-Ultimo: The Limo that’s a 5-star Hotel Inside

As you well know, here at Limo Broker, we love nothing more than an experimental limousine concept, enjoying looking at designs that give us an insight into future travel. This is why this week we were thrilled to learn more about the Renault limo concept; a vehicle that is basically a 5-star hotel built inside a car cabin!

Being the talk of the car manufacturing industry, the limousine is being called the EZ-Ultimo. Unveiled at the Paris Auto Show, the limo quickly became known as “Batman’s limo”. Impressive on every level, from the exterior to the interior, the concept is a great example of how creative manufacturers are getting in the race to autonomous travel.

Forbes explained:

“EZ-Ultimo lives up to its name. It is a grand vision of the future, in which the ultra-rich are chauffeured in opulence befitting royalty.”

A futuristic design

Fit for royalty, the cabin is grand to say the least, created solely to impress important travellers. Set to provide an unparalleled transport experience, the cabin boasts natural materials such as marble, woods and fine leathers, making for a calming atmosphere for passengers. But ‘why is it being compared to a hotel?’ we hear you ask. Well, passengers sit adjacent to one another, with glass panels and plush leather making it not dissimilar to a high-end hotel lobby.

What’s more is that the exterior is nothing but extravagant, with the concept limousine being 19 feet long. Though colossal in size, the car only seats four people, giving four lucky passengers a roomy, relaxed way to travel. The limo is also completely autonomous, meaning there will be no driver, just the wonders of new technology to navigate you around the city.

Let us know what you think. Has Renault given us a hint of what future road travel will be like? Leave your comments with us.


14 of the World’s Best Limos

Limousines come in all shapes, colours and sizes, being an incredible car category that we at Limo Broker hugely admire. From the Lincoln Towncar Limousine to the Hummer Limousine, the long wheelbase vehicles are fun and incredibly easy on the eye. Built with a huge focus on passenger comfort, limousines are best when chauffeur-driven, giving those lucky enough to travel inside a truly great transport experience.

Just this week, popular car magazine, AutoCar, shared what they believed to be the best limousines ever made. Below we have shone the spotlight on our top 14 from the list.

Cadillac 75 (1936)

The brand Cadillac is incredibly well-known, renowned for creating vehicles that are real show-stoppers. For this reason, it is easy to see why the Cadillac 75 made the top limo list, with the 75 being the brand’s flagship vehicle.

Rolls-Royce Phantom V (1959)

Next up we have the Rolls-Royce Phantom V (1959); a simply beautiful creation. Brought to us by the world-renowned British carmakers, the Rolls Royce V is a limo we all know and love. While no two versions are the same visually, each is powered by an impressive 6.23-litre V8 engine.

Checker Aerobus (1962)

Created in the 1960’s, the Checker Aerobus was built to occupy as many passengers as possible, initially made to ferry people to airports and cities centres. As a stretched version of the famous yellow cab, the limo had eight doors and 15 seats.

Mercedes Pullman Limo (1963)

The Mercedes Pullman is said to be the only limo that came close to rivalling the Rolls Royce collection, shocking the world when it launched the S600. Nicknamed ‘Grosser’ meaning ‘grand’, the limo was an extended Pullman, adding 246 inches to the original model.

Daimler DS420 (1968)

As the longest-running factory limo ever offered, the Daimler DS420 understandably made the list of best limos. Loved by Mayors and high-profile individuals, the Daimler DS420 was used commonly by the Queen Mother.

ZIL-4104 (1973)

If you have seen any Cold War films, you will no doubt have seen the ZIL-4104 (1973); an 80’s limo that was built specifically for the leaders of the Soviet Union.

Mercedes-Benz V123 (1976)

Another great limo from Mercedes is the V123, a stunning limousine that stole the show in the late 70s. Referred to as the ‘Munich taxi’, this limo can now be purchased for as little as £2500.

Zimmer (1978)

The limo mapped the way when it came to extravagance, being outlandish with its exterior design. Built in New Jersey, the Zimmer came in both 2 and 4-door options.

Lincoln Town Car (1980)

Now, the Lincoln Town Car is a limo that has changed over time, still one of the most popular limos hired for birthdays, weddings and other popular events. While a version of the car has been around since the 50s, the 1980s model was created with those that wanted to travel in the back in mind.

Maybach 62 (2002)

After the Millennium, limousines started to become sleeker and sophisticated, as proven by the Maybach 62. Launched on the Queen Elizabeth 2 ship, the Maybach 62 was and still is fabulous.

Hummer H2 (2002)

Launched in the same year as the Maybach 62 was the Hummer H2; one of the first tank-looking limos to grace our roads. With some models being 12.3-metres in length, the car was adopted fully by partygoers that wanted to stand out on the road.

Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB (2005)

Known for creating aesthetically stunning vehicles, Rolls Royce obviously impressed with the launch of the Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB (2005); a car that stamped the British carmaker’s name in the limo space indefinitely.

Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine (2016)

Fast forward a few years and Bentley gave us the Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine. Revealed to the public in 2016, the limo had two pairs of rear seats that faced each other, making for a comfortable, sociable cabin.

Presidential state car (2018)

Topping the list of the world’s best limos is understandably the 2018 Presidential Limo. Nicknamed ‘The Beast’, the car certainly suits Donald Trump’s style, being loud and proud. Weighing 9072kg and costing $16 million, it is easy to see why this vehicle came up trumps!

Let us know what you think, are there any other limos you think should have made the list?

Ford New car Smell

Ford finds way to get rid of ‘new car smell’

There really is no better smell than climbing inside a new car, sniffing that plush leather and basking in the greatness of the cabin’s design. Here at Limo Broker, this is a common consensus, with everyone appreciating the impact a new car can have on the smell sense. This is why we find it rather odd that British carmakers, Ford, are doing all they can to dispel of that iconic smell.  

That’s right, Ford are developing a way to eliminate that new car smell!  

While a smell that us Brits enjoy, it appears in China, they do not agree. Responding to feedback from Chinese motorists, Ford have filed a patent to work on an odour-removing process. With 10% of Chinese consumers claiming to dislike the smell, Ford felt that they had no choice but to address this.  

Brent Gruber, senior director of global automotive at J.D. Power, said: “Unpleasant interior smell/odour remains the top industry problem in that market. To put that in context, it is nearly double the problem rate of the second most prevalent problem, excessive fuel consumption.” 

The patent has now been approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, signalling just how seriously Ford are taking this customer feedback.  

Debbie Mielewski, senior technical leader in materials sustainability at Ford, said:  

“While ‘new car smell’ is ingrained in American culture, we know Chinese customers dislike that scent. This patent is the result of years of research and is just one idea we are considering for future use.” 

While making the announcement, Ford left many details out, not wanting to divulge too much about the patent and what the process will actually entail.  

However, many have suggested that the odour-removal process will ‘bake the smell away, using heat to me new cars smell neutral.  

Let us know what you think about this story. Should Ford be spending their time on this? 


Bentley to Drop Electric Model by 2025

Luxury British car makers, Bentley, are set to make their first move into the electric car space after announcing their plans to have their first all-electric car on the roads by 2025.
This new venture is part of an increased effort to step up their electric plans since new CEO, Adrian Hallmark, took over at Bentley earlier this year.

Mr Hallmark explained:

“When is the first full-electric Bentley? That is currently in the decision process, but our target is definitely before 2025.”
He added:

“It [Bentley] was taking stock of all the models, all the powertrains, all the future technologies that we needed to invest in and re-cut the plan to be more electrified than we were.”
The new car will use an Audi/Porsche platform, so expect to see a lot of similarities between Bentley’s electric car and the Taycan. This is a car set to be launched next year by sister company, Porsche.

Car enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting more updates regarding the car’s specifications. Details of how much of an influence Porsche will have is just mere speculation at this stage. The new all-electric car won’t be the first Bentley to be influenced by the Bentley/Porsche team-up though. Since Bentley owners, Volkswagen, took control of Porsche six years ago, we have seen some subtle yet significant changes to Bentley’s iconic Continental GT.

The latest generation Continental GT saw several Porsche-like features integrated into it. The GT is built upon Porsche’s rear-wheel-drive MSB platform and also adopted the Porsche dual-clutch transmission.

Whilst the dual-clutch transmission has seen several issues, we can expect the rear-wheel-drive MSB platform to feature in many future Bentley models.

With Bentley showcasing an all-electric sports car concept at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show it remains to be seen if they will push forward with these plans or switch to a model more like Porsche’s four-door coupe, the Taycan.

Let us know what you think, what can we expect in 2025?


Will Smith Reveals New Audi R8 (Potentially)

Will Smith, one of our generation’s greatest acting talents, is known for his funny jokes and pretty flash nature. Having played some pretty suave characters, Smith is an icon in many different ways.   

While famed for his blockbusters, Smith (and many of the characters he plays) also boast an eye for fine cars, with the Smith family fleet worth millions of dollars.  

Repeating history

Back in 2004, Smith’s character in iRobot gave us a glimpse of the Audi RSQ; a futuristic vehicle concept that became a reality just a few years later. This was in the form of the popular Audi R8. Now, car enthusiasts are saying we have a repeat performance on our hands, with Will Smith’s latest character sporting a car design that is capturing the attention of pretty much everyone.  

Playing Lance Sterling in the animated film Spies in Disguise, Smith’s character again gets his hands on an RSQ. But, this time, the car is an Audi RSQ e-tron. Fully electric and technology-focused, the car is forward-thinking yet not too farfetched. Boasting a hologram speedometer and bursting with high-tech gadgets, the car is not too dissimilar from concepts we are seeing from German manufacturers elsewhere.  

A supercar phoenix

Being fully autonomous and with a striking exterior, is Will Smith giving us a glimpse into the future of transportation? Well, if Audi’s latest concept is anything to go by; yes. Also showcasing striking lines, built on AI and described as a ‘supercar phoenix’, is Audi setting the tone for their next release? With 735 electric horsepower, 800-volt charging capacity and stunning bucket seats, we certainly hope so!  

Let us know what you think, is Will Smith’s latest character giving us a sneak peak of what travelling will soon be like? Share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below.