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Is the electric one-seater limo the world’s weirdest car?

As you will know from browsing on the Limo Broker website, we love the weird and wonderful side of the vehicle market. From lavish limousines fitted with karaoke machines to vintage Rolls Royces that allow you to travel back in time, in our opinion, the more unique the car, the better the travel experience. This is why we were thrilled to come across what people are calling ‘the world’s weirdest electric car’; a one-seater limousine that has been named ‘Prototype 10’.  

Unveiled at California’s Pebble Beach classic car show, the car is said to “recapture the spirit of early speedsters” from the early 1900s.  

But, where has this electric super car come from? Well, according to a recent release, this is the brainchild of Nissan’s luxury brand; Infiniti. Having been working on the design for some time, the brand has been credited for their innovative mock-up, with many industry thought leaders believing one-seater cars as long as limos to be the cars of the future.   

What’s it like to drive?

At the helm of this project is Karim Habib, a Canadian designer that boasts over twenty years of experience at BMW before joining Nissan.  

“For us, electrification means performance – our cars will be powerful, efficient, and highly rewarding to drive, and Prototype 10 is a physical representation of our electrified future” says Habib. 

“The Infiniti Prototype 10 echoes the layout and design of early speedsters”.

“This period saw the creation of some of the most evocative car designs of all time, where power was celebrated through high-powered single-seat competition cars.”  

Therefore, he says, “it is appropriate that we found inspiration in an optimistic bygone era in which cars were characterised by the simple love of driving.”  

So, what are your thoughts on the limo of the future? Tell us what you think by leaving your comments below.   

New Bentley boss squashes rumours of a sports car

From Rolls Royce to BNW, we are seeing many car manufacturers steering away from their niches and diversifying their fleets. However, Bentley, a brand renowned for their fine chauffeur cars, has this week announced they will not be following suit.

With rumours circulating of a 5th line for Bentley, people have been expecting a 2-seater vehicle to join the famous Continental GT, Flying Spur, Bentayga and Mulsanne marques. But, the brand’s new CEO, Adrian Hallmark, is eager to squash these rumours, telling of the brand’s plans and focus on sedans and SUVs from now on. Taking over from the famous Wolfgang Dürheimer, Hallmark puts his decision largely down to the current economy as well as car-buying trends.

“The sports car sector, like our own, is highly volatile in a recession. It can drop 50 or 60 percent. Only this time, the sports car sector forgot to recover. And if you look at their history, and the average age of their buyers, you’ll see the age goes up by one every year. It means the cars are being bought by the same old enthusiasts,” he said in a recent interview.

While not giving away any real details as to what Bentley’s future segment will be, some reporters are suggesting that a Bentayga could be joined by a coupe-like SUV. We are also hearing that Bentley will be the latest manufacturers to be working on a new electric vehicle. While this has not been confirmed by them, the success of the Bentayga Hybrid earlier this year could have given the brand the confidence to launch another eco vehicle.

A good move by Bentley?

Let us know what you think. Are Bentley doing the right thing by not placing their focus on developing a new sports car? Leave your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below.

Government files reveal Margaret Thatcher slept in her limousine

The Iron Lady was renowned for her resilient nature, boasting strong opinions and a sharp tongue. During her time of reign, many wanted to know more about what made the Prime Minister tick. Famous for only ever having four hours of sleep a night, it appeared that Margaret Thatcher ran on thin air!

However, recent government files have revealed that the leader used to have forty winks in her official limousine. Making up her beauty sleep on the road, it appears like many of our limousines, Thatcher’s chauffeur-driven Daimler offered a comfortable ride.

This news emerged back in the late 90s, when her personal detective, Bob Kinston, revealed such details in a memo. As a detective at her private office on Downing Street, Kinston undoubtedly saw a lot in his time.

His note was recently made public by the National Archives in Kew, South-west London. The note also talked in depth about health problems the Iron Lady was experiencing.

He wrote the following:

“When the PM dozes in the official car, the design of the headrests is such that, far from supporting her head and neck, they cause her head to drop forward.

“I told the PM of my concern at Chequers last weekend. She agreed to a better design of headrest being pursued.”

When the news of her napping started to circulate amongst her internal team, her Fleet Manager wanted to make her limousine more comfortable, allowing her to sit back and sleep to her heart’s content when on transit.

He allegedly “instructed the contractor to obtain and adapt a head restraint to a more comfortable and supportive design”.

Believing the Daimler to not be suitable for such a task, the vehicle brand was understandably worried about their future as a presidential vehicle supplier. This was only heightened when John Major requested a Rover instead of a Daimler.

Let us know what you think about this story by leaving your comments below.

Theresa May’s limousine branded unsafe

If you are an avid reader of our blog, you will know that many world leaders have invested in exceptional vehicles of late; limousines that ooze with panache. From Trump’s ‘Beast’ with its own blood transfusion capabilities to Kim Jong Un’s limousine with an in-cabin toilet, politicians are renowned for going that extra mile when it comes to personal cars. However, when talking about presidential/prime minister limos, we in Britain have very much lagged behind, outshone by America, Russia and Korea.

Just this week, we learnt that our head of state, Theresa May, is rolling around in a not-so-great limousine. Using a Jaguar XJ 351 Sedan, May inherited the car from her predecessor, David Cameron. However, along with the car came a whole heap of issues, ones that May has failed to rectify.

According to sources, the 8-year-old vehicle was flagged to have an airbag default; an issue that was raised over a year ago. After checking the government website, it appears that a safety recall was issued. However, as it stands, nothing has been done to fix the limousine. The Driver and Vehicles Standard Agency requested the 5-liter vehicle to be taken to a Jaguar specialist to have a software update. Warning that the airbags could be on a default setting, worries are that the bags will only deploy at heavier impacts. This in turn could cause ‘increased injuries to occupants’.

Jaguar car dealer, Dave Hatton, passed comment on this, saying the car should be ‘meticulously maintained’.

‘You’d expect to comply with a recall within days’ he continued.

While Downing Street has refused to comment on these findings, the car world has shared various comments and opinions online, believing this mechanical oversight to not bode well for the car itself or the MP’s attitude towards road safety. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

Donald Trump gives Kim Jong-Un a tour of his $1.6M ‘Beast’ limo

With their presidential limousines made around the same time, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un have been involved in what we have branded ‘limo wars’. With each leader said to have trumped one another when it comes to the luxuriousness of their new vehicles, it appears Trump wanted to put the record straight. Just this week, the American leader gave the North Korean politician a private tour of ‘The Beast’; a limousine that cost over $1.6M.

United over a love of limos

The tour followed a ‘working lunch’ where the two minds met to ‘discuss business’. Heading to the bullet-proof, well-armoured car, the two leaders were snapped by paparazzi, seeming to be in good spirits and enjoying each other’s company. With Kim Jong-Un being a huge lover and advocate of American culture, the two leaders displayed unity, suggesting that rumours are true and they are working on ways for their countries to work together and flourish in unison.

However, it is unlikely that Jong-Un was too jealous, boasting his own beastly limousine. Coming in a little more expensive than its American counterpart, the North Korean Beast cost a whopping $2M to make; an S600 Mercedes Benz. With a long list of safety features and the finest interior money can buy, the two limousines have naturally been a subject of interest for the people of America and Korea, wanting to know where their tax money has been spent. However, nothing came as more of a shock as Kim Jong-Un’s request for an in-cabin toilet, wanting to do his business inside the limousine. However, many believe this to be a request based on paranoia, not wanting anyone to know the contents of his diet.

While varying in style, they are both spectacular in their own way, equally as impressive when it comes to defence accessories, comfort and the likes.

Let us know what you think; which limo gets your vote?