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Shoreham Air Show: Plane crashes into Wedding Car

Usually wedding days act as incredible times capsules, being an event that people can reflect on with fond memories. However, for bride and groom Rebecca and Rajendran Asekaran this was not the case, with their wedding car being involved in a tragic accident on the A27 that took seven lives yesterday afternoon.

Where the driver of Luxury Daimler is yet to be confirmed what we do know is that a Hawker Hunter fighter jet smashed into the car, ripping off its roof and causing an almighty explosion.

The plane, which was meant to be part of an air show, plummeted onto the dual carriageway and burst into a huge ball of fire, causing the motorway to come to a standstill of horror. First hitting a Vauxhall vehicle the plane then continued into the wedding car which was travelling on the other side of the road heading towards Worthing.

A wedding day to remember

imageUnderstandably putting a dampener on the day the couple did their best to not let this tragic ordeal ruin their celebrations.

Rajendran said: ‘I looked on my iPhone and saw a picture of the carnage and could pick out the car that was meant to be here.’

‘We’re fine. The wedding wasn’t ruined, it was beautiful, it was lovely.’ Continued the bride.

The mother-of-the-bride said: ‘We knew there had been a crash. The wedding went ahead. The photographer took myself and the bridesmaids and my husband went with some of others.’

The Daimler

The Daimler is said to be fully insured, however, the firm are extremely saddened by the events that unfolded.

Jay Sherwin, who works at the firm, told the Sun: ‘I can confirm that it is one of our cars but at this stage I do not know what happened to the driver.

‘I am waiting to hear from his wife and the police. All I will tell you is that he is a lovely guy and has worked for the company for 20 years. He was on his way to pick up a bride just along the road from Shoreham.’

A hero at the scene

Terry Smith, who bravely risked his life to pull people from the vehicles stranded as flames has been referred to as both a ‘hero’ and ‘godsend’, facing danger head on in a strive to save lives.

He revealed just how close he was to this terrible incident saying: ‘I can’t believe I escaped with my life.

‘It seemed to come in at a really strange angle. He just didn’t have enough height. I was just thinking, this is coming too close, it’s not going to make it, it’s not going to make it.

At Limo Broker we are all extremely saddened by this news and would like to extend our condolences to everyone involved.

TBG Sign Exclusive Rights Deal for Starline Limo Bus

Transport Broker Group is the UK’s leading luxury car hire supplier, boasting an astounding network of vehicle hire professionals. Being a hub of experience and knowledge, setting the standards of the industry it is no surprise that their expertise have been sought after, with the company signing a pretty exclusive deal today.

TBG has officially made allies with a UK based Limo Bus builder, now having sole distribution rights to the Starline Party Bus.

Tej Randeva, TBG founder says:

“This is the perfect partnership, you will be sure to see Starline vehicles throughout every city in the UK”.

Although staying with the promise to share this mesmerising new limo with the whole country TBG will be heavily targeting London operators first, promoting the Starline to their city partners.

“We have many London operators on our books that are always looking to make additions to their fleet. With the Starline being the best Limo Bus obtainable we are incredibly excited for what 2015 will bring”.

As well as having the limos TBG boasts the ability to help customer’s find exquisite transport, helping new London operators hire out their Starline fleet. This is an attractive investment for any vivacious entrepreneur.

‘We heavily promote luxury transport in the city and will use this venue to plan the future for the industry. Using our marketing skills we plan to encourage new businesspeople to join this flourishing scene’.

The Starline is a:

  • Mercedes Sprinter 516CDi XLWB Super-Extended
  • Automatic Transmission base Chassis
  • Right Hand Drive (Left hand also available upon request).
  • Digital Tachograph & Speed Limiter

It has Full IVA Certificate for 16 passengers supplied by VOSA.

Not only is the Limo Bus colossal in size but it is packed with impressive features. From its dancefloor and disco lighting its luxurious interior, the vehicle is comprised of various features that will make vehicles buyers hard to resist purchasing one.

The interior includes:

  • Driver’s partition wall with Privacy Curtain
  • Full Sound system
  • Full soft trim interior to complement seat trim.
  • Under-bar Fridge
  • Robust chrome-effect floor system with anti-slip features.
  • Front entrance LED step lights.
  • Generous luggage space (for long distance travels & airport transfers).

And much more!

If you are interested in the Starline then contact us today with your queries. A member of the sales team will talk you through everything you need to know.

Starline website:

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VIP Travel London: New limo operator set to launch in London

With London being both the business and party capital of the UK the need for luxury transport is great. At Limo Broker we have been hiring out party buses, limos and chauffeur cars throughout London for over a decade, ensuring weddings, proms, business trips and other events are celebrated to their entirety.

With the demand for luxury car hire in London always growing the city is constantly in need of new vehicles. The latest operator to introduce their fleet to London is VIP Travel, a company promising to offer affordable, luxury transport solutions in London.

What cars do VIP Travel have?

After studying London their research showed that London was in need of celebratory vehicles, cars that make for unforgettable experiences. With stretched limos and limo buses being the most sought-after vehicles for prom and hen parties the company have invested in an exquisite fleet.

Having sourced a fleet of party buses from Starline, London can expect nothing but extravagance when stepping inside a VIP Travel bus.

The brand new Starline Party Buses are fully fitted with luxurious interior, a dance floor, music systems and much more Londoners will be sure to be blown away when hiring a limo bus from VIP Travel.

Where are VIP Travel based?

Based in the heart of London the company brand themselves as the best option for luxury car hire in the city, promising to offer a better service as well as newer vehicles. In addition to offering a faultless transport solution VIP Travel claim to be the number 1 option when hiring luxury travel in London, Essex, Kent & the Home Counties.

If you are looking to hire a limo in London then check out

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Absolute Style Limousines wins ‘Operator of the Month’ award

In life we all like to be credited, whether for being a great colleague or good friend, appreciation is the best feeling of all.

This is why at Transport Broker Group we like to reward our operators, those who relay our ethos of giving customers an unparalleled hire experience.

Absolute Style Limousines

We have been working with ASL for many years and have always been thankful for their attention to customer service, boasting professional drivers that have blessed weddings, proms, business trips and hen dos with their courteous, attentive nature.

We feel they really deserve this accreditation as like us, they hold a passion to offer affordable, luxury transport solutions throughout London. With London bursting with vehicle lovers ASL give Londoners what they want, helping people enjoy the vivacious city with incredible vehicles.

Operator of the Month

This project is something we at TBG are extremely proud of, feeling it to be immensely important to recognise the people that support us in business.

Daniel Ford, Head of sales says:

‘We would not be where we are today without great operators like ASL. They mirror our standards as well as our missions and we thoroughly look to continuing this partnership and giving our customers the standard of service they deserve’.

TBG would also like to thank Starline Limo Bus, the official sponsors for the award.

So, if you are looking for luxury limo hire in London then be sure to enquire with Limo Broker today. Launches – The AutoTrader of the limo world

At Limo Broker we are great advocates of the stretched limousine, ensuring the stunning vehicles within our fleet are celebrated throughout the country.

Working with a large network of operators we inevitably are involved in limousine sales, with the industry infamously finding it hard to locate great limos.

With the relaunch of it seems that this dry spell has come to an end, with the incredible website being named the ‘Autotrader of the limousine world’.

What is so great about this site?

As well as advertising an impeccable range of limos that are for sale the service is also free, permitting limo operators and potential Limo Broker agents to shop for limo deals free of charge.

Including vehicle profiles and information removes the stress associated with making additions to fleets, giving visitors a streamlined, clear picture of what limos are up for grabs on the market, selecting a budget range and researching vehicle reviews.

If you are involved in the limousine and private hire industry then you will definitely have heard of, being the longest running limo sales website. With the new design breathing new life into the site it is already reaping the rewards, helping customers locate the limos they are looking for.

One review reads:

‘We were astounded by the great service and found the website very useful. Over the years we have had to travel across country to find out what limos are like, using this site proved to be a lot easier than we thought’.

Take a look at the Limos 4 Sale site and let us know what you think.