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Kim Kardashian Ditches Her Rolls Royce Ghost for a Phantom

The Kardashians are known for their love of shoes, men and cars (not necessarily in the order), with only the best of the best being acceptable in all categories. It seems like their cars are just a disposable as their shoes and men with car Queen, Kimmy K, purchasing a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom.

Her expensive taste in cars has been the focus on the internet today, all wanting to see her $400,000 bespoke vehicle. The 34-year-old was spotted driving the 2015 plate car with Platinum Motorsport plates, suggesting she had customisation work done prior to bringing it home.

Solid matte silver in colour with dark-tinted windows and narrow headlights, the new, four-door sedan was clearly not cheap, and with Kim’s taste we can only imagine the extra features fitted inside.

While the Phantom is the newest edition to her private fleet it is not her first Rolls Royce by any stretch, having owned several high-end vehicles from the British carmakers.

Ghost Vs Phantom


Kim has had at least two Rolls Royce cars in the past, both models in the Ghost line. Now moving over to join the Phantom owners of the world she is expected to receive a whole new driving experience.

Although many think the Ghost and Phantom to be very similar vehicles they are in fact not, with any Rolls Royce fan feeling the differences as soon as they take a seat.

If you have had the experience of sitting in both then you will know that you sit far lower in the Ghost. Although sitting much higher than your ordinary saloon it does show how the Phantom has gotten its name for being a lot more ‘snug’ than the Ghost.

Car Blogger Hallett says:

‘The Ghost’s cabin looks and feels exceptional but there are still myriad more buttons on display than in the bigger car.’

‘Away from the kerb there are huge differences too. The lighter, more powerful Ghost has an accelerative urge that the Phantom can’t even hope to match. It also feels a good deal more nimble on tight, twisty roads.’

Let us know what you think, would you prefer to own a Ghost or a Phantom? Leave your thoughts below.


30ft Sculpture of The Stig Used to Advertise BBC Brit

top-gear-castBBC gave us The Stig after Top Gear ceased production in 2001, with the famous character breathing new life into our favourite motoring show Top Gear.

Owning the role of setting lap times for cars tested on the show, as well as teaching celebrity guests how to drive, The Stig has always been a prominent feature of the show, being the brunt of many Jeremy Clarkson jokes.

If you were driving the roads on England this week then you may have been surprised by a 30ft statue of the infamous Stig strapped to the back of a lorry, making its way across the country. As well as being a tremendous piece of art the statue effectively got people talking, gearing everyone up for the first episode of this series Top Gear.

The fibreglass model took three sculptors over two months to create, being stored at Warsaw’s Palace of Science and Culture. This comes as part of the many efforts being made to attract TV watchers to the new BBC channel, BBC Brit. Set to be the home of Top Gear The Stig was the best option to use for endorsement.

BBC Worldwide’s Amanda Hill said: “BBC Brit will be the new home of Top Gear in Poland, so what better way to mark this than by taking them a giant Stig. Fans will be able to spot him on the roads of England, Holland and Germany, he’s impossible to miss.”

BBC Brit, which launches on February 1, is described by the BBC as “premium factual entertainment that is intelligent but irreverent. Male-skewing but with broader appeal, it blends expertise with entertainment and fact with fun. The channel will become the exclusive home of Top Gear and covers a rich variety of subjects: cars; science; adventure; business; life-changing moments; extreme characters; quirky eccentrics and plenty of laughs.”

What do you think about the new channel? Will you be switching over from BBC Two?

COCKROACHES Pink Hummer Limo Broker

Limo Broker Pink Hummer Limo Featured in ITV2’s Cockroaches

It is true that our vehicles end up in some pretty amazing situations, having seated the likes of Kim Kardashian, been on tour with The Vamps and this week featuring in the new sitcom Cockroaches.

Featuring stars such as Jack Whitehall, Daniel Lawrence Taylor and Esther Smith, we all anticipated the first episode of ITV2’s Cockroaches, and we were not disappointed.

The sitcom depicts what it would be like if the world were to end, focusing on the relationship choices we would make as a result. The post-Armageddon situation is although serious is theme, hilariously represented, showing the streets of Essex in complete dismay.

Where such stories have been illustrated as adventurous, traumatic events in other dystopian programmes Cockroaches hones in on how the human being is left in hilariously awkward situations, playing with the question ‘what if I were the last man on earth?’.

It is hinted upon that we can expect a rather interesting love triangle involving the three protagonists, with many funny trials and tribulations unfolding on the streets of Essex.

Created by Big Talk Productions the opening scene sees characters Tom and Suze pushing a trolley through the city, surrounded by some great vehicles that have been abandoned during the anarchy.

Amongst those vehicles lays our stunning pink Hummer, hired by the producers as a vital prop in the ever so important exposition.

Watch the trailer and let us know what you think!

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The 13 ‘most significant’ cars, according to James May

He is our favourite Top Gear presenter with his dry sense of humour having blessing our households for many years and although seen as a laughing stock by his fellow colleagues James May knows his stuff when it comes to great cars.

In an attempt to have the last say on what cars are the best in he has whittled his choices down to 13, which he will showcase at this year’s Classic Motor Show at London ExCel.

He has divided the thirteen vehicles into two groups, ‘The Halls of Obviousness’ and ‘The Chambers of Bloody-Mindedness’, adding a touch of his personality to the presentation of vehicles.

“You could probably guess the identity of the six in the Hall of Obviousness without reading another word,” said May, “but the other six are less well known. I believe they are just as significant historically but they’ve simply been forgotten or misunderstood.

“But the 13th is certainly the car that looms largest in my motoring life – the biggest inspiration.”

Below you will find his decisions, accompanied by some ingenious comments from the TV personality.

The Halls of Obviousness



1886 Benz Motorwagen – “People will argue about this, but the Benz Motorwagen was the first true car as we would understand it.”

1908 Ford Model T – “The brilliance of the Model T is the way that it was made, rather than the car itself.”

1938 Volkswagen Beetle-  “It became the world’s best selling single-platform car, even though the early models were pretty horrendous to drive.”

1959 Austin Mini. – “An original Mini is incredibly uncomfortable and a bit hairy if you crash it, but also fantastic to drive.”

1964 Ford Mustang – “In the first six months of its life it was the fastest selling car in history. It’s the car that democratised style and performance.”

1997 Toyota Prius – “It was the first mainstream car of my lifetime that caused people to rethink the basics of how a car should work.”

The Chambers of Bloody-Mindedness


1901 Waverley Electric – “At the beginning of the 20th century, electric car outsold petrol-powered cars in parts of America. They were clean, quiet and didn’t make ladies’ skirts grubby.”

1906 Cadillac Model K -“The real hero of the mass-produced car story isn’t Ford’s Model T but the Cadillac Model K.”

1933 Standard Superior – “It is widely accepted that Josef Ganz, a respected Jewish engineer, came up with the basic layout and philosophy of the Beetle.”

1972 Honda Civic – “The original Civic was a compact, lively and fuel efficient car that was well made and almost faultlessly reliable.”

1980 Lada Riva. -“The Russian-built, Fiat 124-derived, Riva did more than any other to put communism on wheels.”

2009 Bruno ExoMars Rover – “Autonomous, self-sustaining and suitable for use on other planets, it is surely the world’s most advanced all-terrain vehicle.”

And the 13th? “I’m not going to give that away,” said May. “You simply have to visit the show and indulge me through my halls and chambers to get to it.”

James May has kept us guessing the final car to make his significant group, encouraging car lovers to make their way to the ExCel show and find out for themselves.


In your opinion what car deserves to make this category? Leave your comments below.


Limo Broker fleet featured in new punjabi music video by Rajveer & Dr Zeus

At Limo Broker our fleet of highly desirable cars are hired for a multitude of events. From birthdays and proms to staff nights out and weddings, being the perfect transport solution for many occasions.

Of late we have become the UK’s first port of call for music video production companies, looking to incorporate editions of our collection into musical masterpieces.

Being the most stunning visual displays you can get we were overjoyed to be selected to enhance the set of a Punjabi music video recently, helping the worldwide music producer Dr Zeus with his latest single.

The song is called Pakka Sharabi, featuring Rajveer, channelling both British and Asian influences to create a unique Bhangra sound.

With a proven track record of success we expect his fans to be pretty impressed with this latest musical creation, especially the video.

Our cars take centre stage in the video, providing Dr Zeus with the image of wealth and importance that he wants to convey. From Lamborghinis to Rolls Royce Phantoms, it is safe to say that fans are in for a real treat with this latest release.

If you are yet to see the Limo Broker fleet in action then you can watch the video below or visit

Let us know what you think.