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Last chance to buy Usain Bolt’s supercar on eBay

As an Olympic icon Usain Bolt has become synonymous with speed, leisurely crossing the finish line in every race in Rio. While you may not be able to catch the sprinter for love nor money you can own a piece of his speed, with his BMW 335i Coupe now live on eBay. Capturing great levels of interest the car on offer was actually owned by the sportsman, seeing car and sporting fanatics enter a bidding war on the shopping site eBay.


Sporting a pricetag of £100,000 the BMW was in fact gifted to the Golden medalist by a sponsor. As a congratulations for his ground-breaking 200 metre world record at the World Championships in Berlin the car acts as a time capsule, representing a great period in sporting history.

The black BMW features personalised detailed that understandably add value to the vehicle, sporting 19.19 (his record time) on the badge. Accompanied by U.B initials and lightening bolts the car is far from understated, with its gullwings and rather loud engine making it very much a statement car rather than a convenience vehicle.


In investment purchase


Man City Star Samir Nasri videoed in stretched limo with bags of cannabis

While limousines have for years been all about privacy, with many drivers up and down the country having seen there fair share of private parties, every now and then these exclusive parties on wheels go viral, with the smartphone being the catalyst of many celebrity uncoverings.

36FEB62D00000578-3728957-image-a-19_1470639289990This week is Samir Nasri’s turn, being caught on camera whilst letting loose with a bunch of mates. Dancing to a strong rap backdrop the role model has understandably been under scrutiny since the Instagram release, being pictured in a hired stretched limo with labelled drugs scattered around.

Formed into heart-shaped heaps the clip has been slammed for glorifying drugs, with the footballer tagged in the video sporting the hashtags ‘#stonerlife’, ‘#thuger’, ‘#vegas’ ‘and ‘#myteambetterthanyours’.

The bags are seen to be labelled ‘White Walker’, ‘Bubblegum’ and ‘Super Jack’, suggesting a sound knowledge of what they describe as the ‘stonerlife’.

With no attempts to keep such privacy under wraps the video does show a disrespect to the game, a game renowned for its strict rules when it comes to drugs, alcohol, sex and the upkeep of club image. According to many sources, including Mail Online, the video was uploaded to the social media platform by Nasri’s former Olympique de Marseille teammate, Ahmed Yahiaoui.


The last straw for Guardiola?

The Midfielder, 29, is regarded as one of the club’s superstar, although City boss Pep Guardiola did criticise the Frenchman earlier this year for being overweight; an issue substantial partying is unlikely to resolve. Since the unveiling of this footage the star has been photographed training alone, suggesting a changing room altercation may be on the cards.

Let us know what you think, should a footballer’s off-pitch life be a problem or should figures such as Nasri uphold a certain public image. Leave your comments below.


Anthony Joshua to buy £600,000 Rolls Royce Limo


Boxers are renowned for their flamboyancy both inside and outside of the ring, with the sport being a competition of both physical and financial power. With boxers such a Floyd Mayweather renowned for their excessive vehicle buying and self-endorsements on social media it was only a matter of time before heavyweight newcomer, Anthony Joshua, joined the trend.

Appearing to show an affiliation with cars sporting attitude the World Champion boxer is said to have his eye on a £600,000 Rolls Royce Phantom limo, a unique limousine that currently resides in Birmingham.

Joshua tweeted an image of himself with the Phantom to his 612,000 followers, stating: ‘Work… That’s all a brother’s working with.’

Hiring the stretched limo for a private VIP event Joshua was so impressed with the limo that he made the owners an offer, wishing to add the limo to his own, already-impressive, private fleet.

But John Smith, owner of Birmingham’s Phantom Limo Hire, turned down the 26-year-old’s proposal, evidently being too much of a valuable feature of his fleet.

Daniel Ford of Limo Broker says:

‘Although £600,000 sounds like a considerable amount of money, and a hard sum to refuse, the agency would lose a lot from selling this limo. As well as enjoying constant bookings from wealthy individuals just having this limo on their books is great for business image, putting them one step ahead of local competitors’.

Famous faces


Boxer David Hayes and Amir Khan have both hired this very limo in the past, with the Phantom evidently attracting the big names of the world due to its originality. Having both posed next to the Phantom for Instagram pictures is seems this limo showcases all the qualities such boxers wish to prevail; status and wealth.

Ash Khan, the manager of the Bordesley business, said:

‘His management got in touch and asked if we could pick Anthony up in the Rolls Royce stretch Phantom.’

‘It is the only one of its kind in Europe. American boxer Floyd Mayweather Junior also has one, so it’s the ultimate status symbol.’ He continues.

Hire a limo

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Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.12.36

The Hoff Swings by ITV Studios in a Luxury Limo

When chauffeuring celebrities safety is always at the forefront of the driver’s mind, especially when transporting high profile individuals like David Hasslehoff. Openly declaring his love for stretched limos ‘The Hoff’ topped off his UK visit with a limo ride to the ITV studios this week, catching the eye of London’s paparazzi.

david-hasselhoff-6 (1)

Without the comfort of Pamela Anderson’s airbags David Hasselhoff required some other features to look at whilst travelling and with the Lincoln Towncar he was spoilt for choice. Combining panache with luxury the Lincoln offers its passengers everything from extravagant leather interior to champagne fridges, proving to be the perfect mode of transport for lavish stars like The Hoff.

Being given the opportunity to chauffeur the 8o’s icon Cars for Stars driver said he was ‘an extreme pleasure to chauffeur’ and seemed to ‘thoroughly enjoy his time in the limo’.

How much does it cost to hire a Lincoln Towncar limo?


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Kim Kardashian Ditches Her Rolls Royce Ghost for a Phantom

The Kardashians are known for their love of shoes, men and cars (not necessarily in the order), with only the best of the best being acceptable in all categories. It seems like their cars are just a disposable as their shoes and men with car Queen, Kimmy K, purchasing a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom.

Her expensive taste in cars has been the focus on the internet today, all wanting to see her $400,000 bespoke vehicle. The 34-year-old was spotted driving the 2015 plate car with Platinum Motorsport plates, suggesting she had customisation work done prior to bringing it home.

Solid matte silver in colour with dark-tinted windows and narrow headlights, the new, four-door sedan was clearly not cheap, and with Kim’s taste we can only imagine the extra features fitted inside.

While the Phantom is the newest edition to her private fleet it is not her first Rolls Royce by any stretch, having owned several high-end vehicles from the British carmakers.

Ghost Vs Phantom


Kim has had at least two Rolls Royce cars in the past, both models in the Ghost line. Now moving over to join the Phantom owners of the world she is expected to receive a whole new driving experience.

Although many think the Ghost and Phantom to be very similar vehicles they are in fact not, with any Rolls Royce fan feeling the differences as soon as they take a seat.

If you have had the experience of sitting in both then you will know that you sit far lower in the Ghost. Although sitting much higher than your ordinary saloon it does show how the Phantom has gotten its name for being a lot more ‘snug’ than the Ghost.

Car Blogger Hallett says:

‘The Ghost’s cabin looks and feels exceptional but there are still myriad more buttons on display than in the bigger car.’

‘Away from the kerb there are huge differences too. The lighter, more powerful Ghost has an accelerative urge that the Phantom can’t even hope to match. It also feels a good deal more nimble on tight, twisty roads.’

Let us know what you think, would you prefer to own a Ghost or a Phantom? Leave your thoughts below.