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Rare rock n roll Rolls Royce up for auction

Previously owned by two staple names in British music, a 1965 Rolls Royce is set to go under the hammer, expected to fetch a whopping £180,000 at auction. Boasting an impressive musical history, the rare Rolls Royce used to be owned by world-renowned composer Vangelis. Well known  for the scores for Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner, he owned the car for 23 years, purchasing it from another legend, Kenny Jones. Jones was the former drummer of The Faces and The Who, also enjoying being the proud owner of the Roller.
Being both blue and a convertible version, the car is incredibly hard to come by, hence the high pricetag. The Silver Cloud III DHC model includes many impressive features for its time, sporting a heavy gauge frame, electrically operated aerial, electric windows, electric hood mechanism and a radio.
Possessing an air of luxury and panache, the Cloud is also made with a cocktail cabinet under the dashboard, fully-equipped with crystal glasses and carafe.
Originally manufactured in Regal Red, the vehicles was re-sprayed blue in the 1980’s, with the colour attracting investors all over the country.
Though thought to be the composer’s pride and joy, the rumour is that he hardly drive the vehicle, meaning it remains in tip top condition after being stored in a London garage for the past 20 years.
The car will be sold by H&H auctioneers from the Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridgeshire, on March 29th. But, will it fetch the £180,000 the owners are asking for? Leave your comments below.


Mike Tyson’s F50 Ferrari to go under the hammer

A 1995 F50 Ferrari owned by the one and only Mike Tyson is planned to go under the hammer in the US. The car is certain to make a huge sum after being owned by the WBA, WBC and IBF boxing champion.

With a 4.7-litre 520bhp V12 engine, the second hand car is predicted to be a popular hit and reign in approximately $2.4 million (£1.9 million). The sale will take place on March 11th at the RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island, expecting to take this amount due to it being number 73 of only 50 created for the American market in the late 1990’s, also the 73rd of 349 built from 1995 to 1997.


The sale price was estimated even before taking note of who is the current owner. Boxing world champion Mike Tyson is the second owner of the car and will definitely make an impact on the final bid.

When the car was first put on the market in 1995, there was no other like it and included striking modifications to say the least. Clocking 62mph from a standstill in 3.8 seconds, the Ferrari tops a speed of 202mph. Unlike many, the car is looked at as a featherweight, this is down to the carbon fibre passenger cell. This certainly stood out to Tyson who also purchased a Ferrari 456 at exactly the same time. It also features an impressive six-speed longitudinal gearbox, complete with a limited-slip differential.

With a rare 4,694 miles on the clock, the final expected sales figure of this car will definitely leave you knocked out.

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Equipped with shotguns, night vision goggles and two pints of blood, Trump’s presidential limo is the most secure vehicle ever made! 

With the last few days transforming the political landscape indefinitely, it seems the world and his wife have something to say about the Trump triumph, with Trump celebrations and protects dotted throughout the globe. While having our own opinion on the vote, we were pleasantly surprised by the news that the President is to be driven around it what has been named ‘The Beast’.

With all presidential vehicles requiring beauty as well as security, Trump can enjoy a wealth of both with The Beast, weighing a whopping six-and-a-half tonne with the ability to withstand an improvised bomb explosion and a hit from rocket-propelled grenades.


Trump will receive the keys to The Beast the day he takes over at the White House, with the car allegedly worth $1m.

Designed by General Motors the company have fully-equipped Trump with six-and-a-half-tonnes of metal protection, with the car able to drive through a chemical weapon attack completely untouched.

The limo’s fuel tank is also said to be built with security in mind, with the designers using amour-plates and special foam in a plea to prevent explosions.

Other features of the limo include:
vision cameras
GPS tracking
satellite communication system
Two pints of Trump’s blood type in case of an emergency transfusion
firefighting equipment
night vision goggles
tear gas launchers
and much more

Let us know what you think about The Beast by leaving your comments and opinions below.


Drake and Rhianna party in limo

Having last week confirmed their romance singers Drake and Rhianna are hot topics, with Drake admitting he has been in love with the Bajan star for over ten years. Declaring their love for one another the R&B duo were the talk of the VMAs and haven’t stopped partying since. Spotted throughout America at gigs, dining out and in luxury cars with one another many have hinted at wedding bells, with some sourcing suggesting a Drake -Rhianna marriage to be in discussions.

Following the VMAs the lovebirds were spotted in a beautiful stretched limo, partying with fellow music sensation, Future. Heading to Nice Guy Rhianna was spotted due to her unavoidable image, with her glittering accessories ensuring her cover was well and truly blown. Sporting a denim jacket and adorned in diamonds passers-by threw themselves at the gorgeous limo, all wanting to grab a glimpse of America’s hottest couple.


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Last chance to buy Usain Bolt’s supercar on eBay

As an Olympic icon Usain Bolt has become synonymous with speed, leisurely crossing the finish line in every race in Rio. While you may not be able to catch the sprinter for love nor money you can own a piece of his speed, with his BMW 335i Coupe now live on eBay. Capturing great levels of interest the car on offer was actually owned by the sportsman, seeing car and sporting fanatics enter a bidding war on the shopping site eBay.


Sporting a pricetag of £100,000 the BMW was in fact gifted to the Golden medalist by a sponsor. As a congratulations for his ground-breaking 200 metre world record at the World Championships in Berlin the car acts as a time capsule, representing a great period in sporting history.

The black BMW features personalised detailed that understandably add value to the vehicle, sporting 19.19 (his record time) on the badge. Accompanied by U.B initials and lightening bolts the car is far from understated, with its gullwings and rather loud engine making it very much a statement car rather than a convenience vehicle.


In investment purchase