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Edward VII Phantom up for Sale

As you will know from our recent posts, we are thoroughly enjoying paying witness to the emergence of great cars. From Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding car to Elvis’ limousines, we are seeing all sorts of high-profile vehicles make their way to the auction house.

This week, we learn that a rare Rolls Royce built for King Edward VII is up for grabs, expected to fetch an attractive £20m at auction.

Customised down to the very last detail, the Phantom 1 saloon was built back in 1927, used primarily by Edward when he was just a Prince. It was also made use of following his father’s death when he became King in 1936.

Famously giving up the throne to wed an America socialite and divorcee, Edward continued using the car for a decade. But, in 1937, his former house waiter purchased the car from him. 

Fast forward a good few years and the car was found amongst a pile of machinery, being put in the capable hands of Rolls Royce specialist, Edward Overton. Over the next 30 years, Overton would take on the restoration task, bringing the stunning vehicle back to its former glory.

Now, the car boasts plush interior, original parts and is lined with pure gold, being a true masterpiece that arguably warrants its £20m price tag. 

Richard Stafford, a specialist with Bonhams, said:

“This is a beautifully-restored example of an early Rolls Royce which is truly fit for a king.”

If the vehicle does get £20m it will go down in history as the most expensive British car of all time. What do you think? Is it worth that figure? Share your thoughts and comments with us. 

Elvis’ Limo up for Auction

Now, we all knew that Elvis Priesley was the king of rock, but did you also know he was the king of the limos? That’s right, the Hound Dog singer actually boasted quite a fabulous collection of cars, said to have owned over 100 vehicles in his time.

But, he was particularly fond of stretched limos, many of which can be found across America on display at museums.

Just this week, it has been announced that one the legend’s motors will go up for auction in California. Presley’s 1967 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine is expected to fetch a fair whack; mainly due to the Limo’s fascinating backstory.

The beautiful limo was actually gifted to the star and his wife, Priscilla, on their wedding day. The present came from “Colonel” Tom Parker, Presley’s manager, presented to them in the late 60’s.

But, for a limo from that era, it is rather revolutionary. Sporting a variety of modern features, Elvis’ limo has power steering, air conditioning, powered windows; the works!

What’s more is that the vehicle became to be known as Elvis’ family car, used regularly by the Rockstar and his loved ones.

And, whoever picks this car up at auction won’t only be receiving a bit of Elvis history but a rather rare, worthy number plate too. The limo will come with its original plate; “1-Elvis” which could alone be worth millions.

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Daniel Sturridge Shows Off £600,000 Car Collection

Now, it is not uncommon for sports stars to show off their wealth. From those annoying images of Starbucks coffee cups with expensive watches in the background to eye-wateringly expensive designer clothes, the stars of today are far from humble.

This week, Daniel Sturridge of Liverpool FC joins the braggers club, sharing pictures of his pretty-impressive array of cars.

While struggling to get off the bench for Liverpool in recent weeks, he will no doubt be enjoying the ride home; whatever the result. This is because he boasts a car collection worth a staggering £600,000! Comprising of some of some of the world’s most luxurious brands and models, we take a look at what this Liverpool forward has locked away in the garage.

  • Rolls Royce Wraith – If you are a car enthusiast, you will be impressed by Sturridge’s recent car purchase; an all-new Rolls Royce Wraith. Said to be his pride and joy, the sportsman also splashed out on a Senturion Key bracelet to match, ridding of the inconvenience of having to carry a car key. Costing £34,000, it appears money really is no issue!
  • Ferrari 458 – Adorned in glossy white paint, the footballer’s Ferrari 458 is another stand-out addition to the collection. Setting him back £170,000, this car can get to 62mph in a mere 3.4 seconds.
  • Range Rover Evoque – Copying his teammate, Mane, Sturridge also enjoys being the owner of a Ronge Rover Evoque. Being a car synonymous with comfort, can you think of a car more suitable to get home in after a tough training session?

As a fleet that is always growing, we look forward to seeing more additions added to this already-fine collection!

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Putin’s Limo Can Now be Yours

In recent years, we have seen the war of the presidential limo reach new heights, with Trump and Putin going head-to-head, eager to outshine one another with their state limousines. While both sporting exceptional motors, many of us have become fascinated by Putin’s Aurus limousine; a car developed especially for the presidential motorcade.

As a new brand, many believed his choice of car to be risky, ditching the trusty Mercedes limo for a new, untested model.

A ‘bunker on wheels’

Described as a ‘bunker of wheels’ the limousine puts safety and passenger comfort as priorities; two features that will no doubt served the president well daily.

Due to the limo’s success, the Aurus will now enter full mass production, giving everyone the chance to own their very own Aurus limo. But, this story comes as no surprise, with expansion having been on the brand’s radar for many years now.

“We have started receiving signals from various countries about their desire to buy the [Aurus] limousine. Bahrain is among such countries. But while mass production has not been set up yet, there are only a few cars available. In the future, it will be possible,” the representative said back in 2017.

5000 limos to be made

According to sources, the production line will begin in 2020, with the facilities of Russia’s automobile company, Sollers, being utilised for the project.

Trade Minister, Denis Manturov, made the announcement just this week, revealing that some 5,000 Aurus cars will be produced per year. So far, the brand has only been producing limousines and Sedans. However, with this extra capacity and further investment, the range is set to expand dramatically, stamping Aurus’ name in the Russian manufacturing industry for the foreseeable future.

An off-road vehicle entitled the Aurus Komendant is also set to roll off the production line before 2022; a project that the drivers of Russia eagerly await.

The aim of the brand was to position Russia as a world leader in vehicle manufacturing; a target Aurus is getting closer to on a daily basis. Let us know what you think. Will this project be a success?

Frank Sinatra’s Rolls Royce Could be Yours

In our opinion, there is nothing more exciting than a great car owned by a great celebrity, with we at Limo Broker being lucky enough to boast some pretty extraordinary cars on our books. This is why we are thrilled to learn of a new Rolls Royce up for grabs. According to sources, a Roller previous owned by the one and only Frank Sinatra is on the market.

But, unlike many celebrity cars, this car was actually used by the music sensation, not just left in a garage to rust. Bought for the ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ singer, the 1984 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible was a 70th birthday present, gifted to Sinatra by fellow Rat Pack members Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin.

A £125,000 price tag

Brought over from New York to the UK when purchased after the star’s death, the car will now go up for auction at the NEC Classic Motor Show Sale in Birmingham. Taking place on November 10th, the car is expected to fetch a commendable £125,000. Having recently had £47,000 spent on it to restore it, the Rolls Royce is in a truly spectacular state.

“Frank Sinatra is a name that has remained prominent in the world of music and culture and even since his death in 1998, Sinatra’s films and music are still revered as some of the greatest of all time,” said Arwel Richards, classic car specialist at Silverstone Auctions.

“Offering Ol’ Blue Eyes’ Rolls-Royce at auction for the first time in its history presents an amazing opportunity for film, music and car fans alike. The influence Sinatra still holds over the music and film industry to this day is real evidence of the respect and love he garnered throughout his career.”

Let us know what you think, would you part with £125,000 for Frank Sinatra’s car?