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Spice Girls Concert

Limo Hire for Spice Girls Concert: Book in Early!

Last week the announcement was made that the Spice Girls (yes, the Spice Girls!) were going on tour. Returning as a 4-piece band, Victoria Beckham has hung up her dancing shoes, leaving Geri, Mel B, Mel C and Emma to belt out the classics.

Tickets sold out nearly instantly, smashing ticket sale records for the group. Leaving many fans disheartened, the Spice Girls decided to add another date to the tour, playing at the Principality Stadium, Cardiff, on May 27th 2019.

Already have Spice Girls tickets? You will need to arrange your transport!

Whether attending the Manchester, London, Bristol, Edinburgh or any other show, you will need to arrange your transport pretty quickly. With the majority of fans wanting to mark this glorious occasion by hiring a stunning car, luxury vehicle hire brands are already heavily in demand.

How can Limo Broker can help?

Here at Limo Broker, we boast the largest network of luxury cars and limousines in the country, sharing an exquisite range of transport options with our customers. In recent years, we have become people’s first port of call when looking for cars to get to concerts, eager to spice up our customers’ lives with beautiful cars.

As well as Limo Broker’s home, Cardiff, the ladies will also be playing at the following locations:

  • Manchester Etihad Stadium – June 1st
  • Coventry Ricoh Stadium – June 3rd
  • Sunderland Stadium of Light – June 6th
  • Edinburgh BT Murrayfield Stadium – June 8th
  • Bristol Ashton Gate Stadium – June 10th
  • London Wembley Stadium June 15th

What cars/limos are available for the Spice Girls concert?

If you are looking to rent a luxury vehicle to get to and from the concert, then we at Limo Broker can help, offering great rates to hire the following:

  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Lincoln Towncar Limousine
  • Starline Party Bus
  • Range Rover Sport
  • BMW 3 Series
  • BMW X5
  • BMW X6
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Bentley GT
  • Bentley Arnage
  • And much more!

To reserve your car, contact our friendly team. Alternatively, book your cars, limos and party buses using our sleek online booking system. It takes just 60 seconds and secures you the best rental price possible.


Bentley to Drop Electric Model by 2025

Luxury British car makers, Bentley, are set to make their first move into the electric car space after announcing their plans to have their first all-electric car on the roads by 2025.
This new venture is part of an increased effort to step up their electric plans since new CEO, Adrian Hallmark, took over at Bentley earlier this year.

Mr Hallmark explained:

“When is the first full-electric Bentley? That is currently in the decision process, but our target is definitely before 2025.”
He added:

“It [Bentley] was taking stock of all the models, all the powertrains, all the future technologies that we needed to invest in and re-cut the plan to be more electrified than we were.”
The new car will use an Audi/Porsche platform, so expect to see a lot of similarities between Bentley’s electric car and the Taycan. This is a car set to be launched next year by sister company, Porsche.

Car enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting more updates regarding the car’s specifications. Details of how much of an influence Porsche will have is just mere speculation at this stage. The new all-electric car won’t be the first Bentley to be influenced by the Bentley/Porsche team-up though. Since Bentley owners, Volkswagen, took control of Porsche six years ago, we have seen some subtle yet significant changes to Bentley’s iconic Continental GT.

The latest generation Continental GT saw several Porsche-like features integrated into it. The GT is built upon Porsche’s rear-wheel-drive MSB platform and also adopted the Porsche dual-clutch transmission.

Whilst the dual-clutch transmission has seen several issues, we can expect the rear-wheel-drive MSB platform to feature in many future Bentley models.

With Bentley showcasing an all-electric sports car concept at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show it remains to be seen if they will push forward with these plans or switch to a model more like Porsche’s four-door coupe, the Taycan.

Let us know what you think, what can we expect in 2025?


Will Smith Reveals New Audi R8 (Potentially)

Will Smith, one of our generation’s greatest acting talents, is known for his funny jokes and pretty flash nature. Having played some pretty suave characters, Smith is an icon in many different ways.   

While famed for his blockbusters, Smith (and many of the characters he plays) also boast an eye for fine cars, with the Smith family fleet worth millions of dollars.  

Repeating history

Back in 2004, Smith’s character in iRobot gave us a glimpse of the Audi RSQ; a futuristic vehicle concept that became a reality just a few years later. This was in the form of the popular Audi R8. Now, car enthusiasts are saying we have a repeat performance on our hands, with Will Smith’s latest character sporting a car design that is capturing the attention of pretty much everyone.  

Playing Lance Sterling in the animated film Spies in Disguise, Smith’s character again gets his hands on an RSQ. But, this time, the car is an Audi RSQ e-tron. Fully electric and technology-focused, the car is forward-thinking yet not too farfetched. Boasting a hologram speedometer and bursting with high-tech gadgets, the car is not too dissimilar from concepts we are seeing from German manufacturers elsewhere.  

A supercar phoenix

Being fully autonomous and with a striking exterior, is Will Smith giving us a glimpse into the future of transportation? Well, if Audi’s latest concept is anything to go by; yes. Also showcasing striking lines, built on AI and described as a ‘supercar phoenix’, is Audi setting the tone for their next release? With 735 electric horsepower, 800-volt charging capacity and stunning bucket seats, we certainly hope so!  

Let us know what you think, is Will Smith’s latest character giving us a sneak peak of what travelling will soon be like? Share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below.


Frank Sinatra’s Rolls Royce Could be Yours

In our opinion, there is nothing more exciting than a great car owned by a great celebrity, with we at Limo Broker being lucky enough to boast some pretty extraordinary cars on our books. This is why we are thrilled to learn of a new Rolls Royce up for grabs. According to sources, a Roller previous owned by the one and only Frank Sinatra is on the market.

But, unlike many celebrity cars, this car was actually used by the music sensation, not just left in a garage to rust. Bought for the ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ singer, the 1984 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible was a 70th birthday present, gifted to Sinatra by fellow Rat Pack members Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin.

A £125,000 price tag

Brought over from New York to the UK when purchased after the star’s death, the car will now go up for auction at the NEC Classic Motor Show Sale in Birmingham. Taking place on November 10th, the car is expected to fetch a commendable £125,000. Having recently had £47,000 spent on it to restore it, the Rolls Royce is in a truly spectacular state.

“Frank Sinatra is a name that has remained prominent in the world of music and culture and even since his death in 1998, Sinatra’s films and music are still revered as some of the greatest of all time,” said Arwel Richards, classic car specialist at Silverstone Auctions.

“Offering Ol’ Blue Eyes’ Rolls-Royce at auction for the first time in its history presents an amazing opportunity for film, music and car fans alike. The influence Sinatra still holds over the music and film industry to this day is real evidence of the respect and love he garnered throughout his career.”

Let us know what you think, would you part with £125,000 for Frank Sinatra’s car?


Chancellor’s Budget Revealed £30Bn is to be Spent on UK Roads

Whatever industry you work in, you will no doubt have had an opinion on this year’s Autumn Budget. Announcing various pending changes, Budget announcements infamously split opinion. And this year was no different.  

However, one thing that we can all surely agree on is that Government’s pledge to spend £30bn on improving our roads is a good thing. Welcomed by our chauffeur drivers and of course, our customers, big changes for our transport infrastructure are on the horizon.  

But, how will the money be spent? Well, according to Chancellor Phillip Hammond, £420million will be given to local councils, with the money being handed over during this financial year. This will be with the intention of “tackling potholes, repairing damaged roads, and keeping bridges open and safe”.  

Upgrades and new motorways  

These upgrades will be actioned between 2020 and 2025. While a huge focus has been placed on upgrading our roads and lanes, there have been talks of additional motorways being created, making Britain a safer place to drive with less congestion. An additional £150M will be put towards making improvements to local roads. This will typically involve constructing roundabouts, extra lanes and so on.

The money has come from the National Roads Fund; a pot of cash that can been funded by the road tax you and I pay every year. This is however the first time money from road tax has been spent in this way. 

Fuel and autonomous transport  

As well as an improved transport infrastructure, UK drivers were also thrilled to hear that tax on fuel duty will not increase this year. This is ninth year in a row rates have been frozen. Money will also be injected into local transport projects. These include routes for cycling, trams and buses, with Government also supporting “next-generation methods of transport” like autonomous vehicles.  

Let us know what you think about the Budget by leaving your comments with us.