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Rolls Royce Launches Cullinan Black Badge Edition

As you will know, here at Limo Broker we simply adore the Rolls Royce brand, proud to share Rolls Royce hire experiences with our ever-growing community of customers. 

This is why we are always keeping an eye out for new vehicles launched by the brand, thrilled to hear the company’s latest announcement regarding the Cullinan. 

According to the British car brand, we are close to seeing the launch of the Cullinan Black Badge edition. This is a darkened, mysterious-looking version of the original Cullinan, sporting blacked out windows, improved interior and 22-inch gloss black wheels. Put it this way, if Batman were to choose a new car, the Black Badge would certainly be a contender. 

This new variation of the brand’s first SUV has been described as ‘a subset of individuals who seek to subvert the motor car’s domineering presence by permanently cloaking it in the night.”

Boasting clean lines, darkened grilles and a whole host of new features, this new Cullinan will go a long way in maintaining the hype over the first Rolls Royce SUV.

Rolls Royce hire through Limo Broker 

Here at Limo Broker, we simply cannot wait to get our hands on the new Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge Edition. But until then, we will be busy sharing other Rolls Royce hire experiences with our customers. 

Top Rolls Royce cars hired via us include:

  • Rolls Royce Phantom 
  • Rolls Royce Ghost 
  • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 
  • Rolls Royce Wraith 
  • Rolls Royce Cullinan 
  • And more!

For prices to hire either a vintage or model Rolls Royce, make use of our quick quote system now. 

And don’t forget, it’s not just Rolls Royce hire we can help you with. Our team of luxury car hire specialists can help you find the best chauffeur cars, limos, party buses and even supercars at commendable rates. 

Mike Tyson Limo on Sale for £24,000

Here at Limo Broker, we love nothing more than weirdly bizarre limousines. In our opinion, the more unique the design, the better!

This is why we were intrigued to learn about a Range Rover limousine going up for sale. That’s right; a Range Rover limo! 

And, it’s not just the design that makes this 1994 Range Rover Classic LSE a one-off.

According to sources, the black stretched limousine has previously been used to chauffeur the one and only Mike Tyson around. Apparently, this was the limo that the heavyweight champion traveled in to fight Lou Savarese at Hampden Park, Glasgow, back in 2000.

While incredible on the outside, how does the stretched limo fair inside?

Pictures show a wealth of top features. These include plush red leather interior, televisions with VCR players, stereos, air conditioning and much more. Though standard for the limos of today, this limo was well ahead of its time when it comes to high tech features.

Joe Watts, a classic car specialist, said:

“It took a lot of money to create this – about £135,000 – and now it is possible.

“It was created by the go-to guys at the time who specialised in Range Rover conversions, so it has been professionally created and has since been very well looked after.

This is actually quite a tasteful machine, certainly more so than a Hummer.

“Whoever buys it will own a Range Rover that has been created and looked after by specialists in this marque.”

Limo hire

If, like us, you are a sucker for a top of the range limousine, then be sure to take a look at our incredible selection of limousines in our gallery. All available to hire across the UK and Ireland, is the best, cheapest place to book limo hire services.

Limos to Hire for a Hen Party

Have you been put in charge of planning a hen party?

If so, you need to keep two things in mind; fun and budget. Where small budgets can often cripple the possibility of fun, we at Limo Broker work hard to help hen party planners out. We do this by connecting them with cheap limo hire, offering them limo hire experiences that are impossible to forget.  

Pink limo hire  

Where any limousine is great to travel in, there is something truly special about climbing inside a pink limo. Turning heads when out on the road, pink limos provide the perfect place for the hen party to get underway. 

Drink chilled champagne in a limo  

Any big celebration is a cause for bubbles, especially hen parties. So, if you really want to impress the hen and her guests, travelling inside a champagne-filled limousine should do the trick!

Here at Limo Broker, we can connect you with limo providers that stock their vehicles with champagne chillers full of champagne, allowing all of the girls to cheers the all-important hen in style.  

Travel as a group to the club  

The logistics of getting big groups of women to and from restaurants and nightclubs can be a real headache to sort out, especially if the guest list is large. This is where a limo can work well, allowing the whole hen party to travel as one on the night. Coming in 8-seater, 12-seater and 16-seater variations, limos are both fun and practical!  

Limo hire options  

Below are the top limos hired for UK hen parties:  

  • Lincoln Towncar Limousine  
  • Baby Bentley Limousine  
  • Audi Q7 Limousine  
  • Range Rover Limousine  
  • Porsche Cayenne Limousine  
  • Starline Limo Bus  

Book your limo hire through Limo Broker now  

To reserve your hen party limo, search, compare and book via now!  

Self-Drive Supercar Hire as a Christmas Gift

With Summer now over, we will all start to turn our attention to Christmas; the focus of the year for most!

While the festive period is mostly fun and games, there is also a lot of responsibility on our shoulders when it comes to making Christmas magical. Most of us will feel hugely pressurised to get friends and family members spectacular gifts, wanting to show them how much we care about them with a thoughtful yet fun present.  

If you are struggling for ideas, have you considered buying that special someone a self-drive supercar hire experience? 

Where supercar hire days are a common Christmas present, a self-drive hire experience is something different all together.   

Allowing someone to physically get behind the wheel and feel the capabilities of high-powered cars, self-drive supercar hire is one hell of a gift!   

Supercars you can hire through Limo Broker  

Here at Limo Broker, we are the leading supercar hire supplier in the UK, helping all sorts of customers find suitable luxury car hire deals.  

Below are the top supercars we recommend hiring for self-drive purposes:  

  • Lamborghini Aventador 
  • Ferrari Italia 
  • Audi R8  
  • Lamborghini Huracan 
  • Noble M12 
  • Porsche 911 
  • And many, many more!  

Arrange your hire through Limo Broker today!  

If you are eager get a luxury car booked in then we at Limo Broker would love to assist, having helped thousands of customers make Christmas that bit more special. Allowing you to search, compare and book self-drive car hire without leaving our site, we bring everything under one roof. Christmas shopping has never been so easy!  

Think your friend or family member would prefer something a little more traditional? If that’s the case, you should also check out the limos, chauffeur cars and vintage cars you can hire via us!  

Wedding Day Transport: Things to Consider

When in the planning stages, your wedding day will constantly be referred to as ‘the most important day of your life’. No pressure ay?  

This is why at Limo Broker, we do our best to make the transport side of things as easy as possible, offering reliable wedding cars and limos at affordable rates.  

Having been in the industry for many years, we understand what it takes to execute a well thought-out, punctual wedding. So, if you are looking to organise your wedding day transport, below are a few things to consider.  

Bridal cars  

Where you may be thinking of hiring all types of chauffeur cars, limos and coaches for your big day, the most important vehicle is without a doubt the bridal car. This is because the bride is the centre of attention on her special day, with her arrival being eagerly awaited.  

Popular bridal cars include Rolls Royce Phantoms, Rolls Royce Ghosts, Mercedes S Class, Lincoln Towncar Limousines, Bentley Flying Spurs and many more!  


Bridal cars need to be traffic-stoppers. However, when it comes to the vehicles you hire for your guests, the objective should be to find reliable cars that have the correct occupancy. This is why many opt for minibus hire and coach hire; two wedding transport services that we can help you with.  

After the wedding  

When booking your wedding cars, don’t forget about after the wedding. The last thing you want is the hassle of organising transport back to the hotel or the airport late at night! What many couples tend to do is keep the bridal car for the whole day, having the chauffeur at hand to whisk you away when you are ready to leave your wedding reception.  

Book your wedding cars through  

If you are looking to reserve your wedding cars ahead of your big day, give us a call. With decades of experience working with brides and grooms, we will be sure to devise a wedding day transport package to suit your needs and budget.