The UK’s leading and most-trusted luxury car hire company Cars For Stars has seen its sales figures go up by 38% on last year’s prom season. It proves just how the UK’s prom industry is growing at epic speeds and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

It isn’t just prom time that has proved a great success for Cars For Stars this last year, they’ve also seen a profit increase for general limo hirings, which are up by 24% on last year, with more and more people hiring out top-of-the-range limos, luxury motors and sports cars for events ranging from weddings to sports events and more. It is thought that if the industry continues to thrive in the way it’s been doing of late, profits for next year could hit record highs, possibly doubling revenue compared with 2011-2012.

One reason for this might be the UK’s obsession with the American style prom – all schools have them these days and limos get booked up well in advance of the big day just so all the school leavers can get the perfect car for the evening in order to turn heads and travel to the venue in style. The prom industry actually has the potential to make even more money if only prom dates were staggered more over a days or weeks. This would mean prom cars did not all get booked up early on, and teenagers, parents and teachers could rest assured they would get the car they wanted for the social event of the year.