Since its unveiling, the world’s first ever Lamborghini stretch limousine concept, brought to you by UK limo company Cars For Stars, has gone viral within its market, gaining a whopping 600,000 views on YouTube in just over a month. The state-of-the-art computer rendering of a stretched out Lamborghini Aventador has created a media storm, getting picked up and featured on a large number of high-profile internet sites and publications. Within hours of the video’s release, it had caught the eye of major sites and blogs including Top Gear, Digital Trends, MSN Cars and the Mail Online.

The various articles which either praised the idea for its innovation and creativity or slammed it as a travesty and abomination, sparked huge debate amongst car enthusiasts in Internet forums and blogs worldwide.

Top Gear online introduced their article with: If you’re planning a stag/hen do in Southend-On-Sea and are at the crucial stage of booking the pink Hummer limo, hold your horses. There’s a new car potentially on the horizon and it could make your trip to Vodka Revs one to remember.“

While Digital Trends asked: “Who would butcher a perfectly good, 217 mph, $381,700 Lamborghini? Who would be content to be a passenger in one, drinking champagne instead of trying to go 217 mph?”

The divide in opinion only added fuel to the fire, and the Aventador Limo was soon the biggest topic of conversation within the automobile blogosphere. Check out the Lamborghini Aventador Limo video everyone’s been talking about below:

In a triumph of innovative automobile architecture, one of the world’s most sought-after 700bhp hyper cars is transformed into a state-of-the-art luxury stretch limousine. The Aventador, named after a raging bull, brings to life the very spirit of creative and futuristic car design.

The Italian-built two-seater sports car is famed for its iconic upwards-opening scissor doors that contribute to its effortlessly sleek finish, which the new stretch version remains hugely loyal to. The Lambo will host four scissor doors and incorporate relaxing lunge seating ideal for laid-back travel. The Lamborghini Aventador limo will boast every extravagance from plush leather interiors emblazoned with the Cars For Stars logo, heated seating, rear plasma screens, surround sound, iPod docks, champagne bars and more. The stretch Lambo will transform the limousine experience into an explosion of luxury, style and glamour, making the Lamborghini Aventador limousine unlike any other existing limo concept.

With so much attention and hype surrounding the Lambo Limo, it didn’t take long for Cars For Stars to be approached by a number of keen potential sponsors, eager to endorse it and see it become a reality. As well as being part of such a groundbreaking project, the idea of having their company name and logo emblazoned on the world’s first Lambo limo was also a tempting incentive for the interested investors. Cars For Stars is currently in talks with some major players in the luxury sports car industry over sponsorship for the Lambo.

Cars For Stars, the company behind the Aventador limo, is the UK’s leading provider of the most sought-after sports cars and high-end vehicles for hire. As an award-winning operation with more than 10 years of experience, it continuously strives to maintain its reputation for excellence and innovation.

The company offers exquisite high-end chauffeur-driven and self-drive cars for a whole host of different occasions including corporate and red carpet events. As a nationwide company, it’s able to provide vehicles to all corners of the UK, and is proud to offer a consistently top quality service at highly competitive prices.

As well as being a luxury vehicle hire company, it’s also at the forefront of pioneering automobile technology, constantly pushing the boundaries in a vision to revolutionise the world of head-turning sports cars and limousines. It aims to continuously challenge what is achievable in terms of innovative design and cutting edge car technology.

Cars For Stars is extremely passionate about experimenting with the face of the supercar industry, formulating edgy new vehicle designs and concepts with the vision to them materialising into tangible creations. Its main aim to make the impossible possible, and pave the way for the radicalisation of futuristic car design.

The Lamborghini Aventador Limo is just the first of many cutting-edge vehicle concepts from Cars For Stars. So continue to check out to be informed about the latest creations in its mission to energise and revolutionise the world’s limo industry.