Cardiff Council’s neglected Rolls Royce loaned to National Motor Museum

A rare Rolls Royce owned by Cardiff City Council could be loaned to the National Motor Museum in Hampshire after it emerged the car has remained locked in an underground car park for almost two decades. Having resided under Cardiff’s City Hall for many years, many have branded the car’s neglect as ‘a waste’. Worth over £70,000, we at Limo Broker can’t help but agree. 

Described as Cardiff City Council’s “crown jewel”, campaigners had previously set up a Facebook group called ‘Cardiff’s Rolls Royce KG1’, calling for the iconic 1963 Rolls Royce Phantom to be put into a museum. A statement on the group’s Facebook page reads: 

“It is a unique vehicle with an incredible history. Tragically the car has spent the last decade sitting under tarpaulin in the underground car park of county hall.” 

With the vehicle only driven once a year to get to and from its MOT, campaigners were arguably right in branding its concealed nature ‘tragic’.  

However, it is a possibility that England will not be the car’s forever home. 

A Cardiff council spokesman said: 

“The council intends to approach the National Motor Museum in Hampshire so that the vehicle can be displayed temporarily until a suitable location can be found to show it in Cardiff, perhaps as part of the future expansion of the Cardiff Story Museum. 

“The car is unique, as it has a silver dragon as an ornament on the bonnet of the car, instead of ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy’ ornament which is on other Rolls Royce cars. 

“Special permission had to be granted from the company to make this modification.” 

Let us know what you think; is the Museum the best place for a classic of this nature? We would love to hear your thoughts.  

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