Cardiff based company converts Mercedes Sprinters to luxury Starline Party Buses

Cardiff based company converts Mercedes Sprinters to luxury Starline Party Buses

A Cardiff-based company is set to reinvent the luxury transport industry, creating the Starline Limo Bus in their mission of extravagance.

With Cardiff known for its passion for lavish vehicles it seems Starline are further encouraging this love, building unique buses to transport the people of the city to weddings, proms, business trips, birthday parties and many more prolific events.

Made from Mercedes Sprinters these bespoke buses are stand-alone vehicles, sporting a wealth of unique features you will not find in any other hire automobile. Inside you will find:

  • Two flat-screen televisions
  • A Karaoke machine with thousands of songs
  • A surround sound system
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A Champagne bar and fridge
  • Ice storage
  • Disco lighting (with a lazar show feature)
  • Glittered carpet and ceiling
  • And much more

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Cardiff and beyond

Although designed and built in the heart of Wales the Starline limo buses are set to make their way all over the UK, with the vehicle operators of London already having ordered 20 of these stunning buses.

Luke of London limo company, VIP Travel says:

‘As soon as we saw the designs for the Starline we made an order. Although limos are great they are beginning to lose their wow factor. With so much going on inside the Starline our team are truly spoilt for selling points’. Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 09.58.24

Who is behind this project?

The Starline Directors come from the well-established company, Transport Broker Group, the UK’s largest luxury vehicle hire company. Possessing the industry knowledge to accommodate the modern traveller they claim to have created ‘the future of luxury transport’.

‘For years we have been building on the idea of designing a vehicle that speaks to modern transport needs.’ Says Starline founder Tej Randeva.

‘Now large friendship groups like to travel together the traditional 8-seater limousine is just not being large enough. The Starline seats 16 people and is basically a nightclub on wheels.’

‘Built with features such as Wi-Fi people can post and tweet their pictures in real time, sharing their amazing transport experience with the world.

Safety first

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Not only is this vehicle unique in its offering of fun but it is also the safest party bus to ever hit the streets of the UK, being the first party bus to be IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) tested. Combining fun with safe travel the Starline is set to completely reinvent the vehicle hire market, encouraging extravagant transport throughout the nation.

If you wish to learn more about the Starline party bus then please find contact details below.


PR contact – Abigail Moses

Tel: 02920 442214

Mobile: 07415506917


Starline website:

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