cadThe Cadillac is a car brand that is undeniably iconic, a car that we all fanaticise about one day owning.

This connection with the rare cars of the world makes cars such as classic limousines greatly sought-after, possessing an enticing quality that is not dissolved by time.

You can only imagine our excitement when receiving images of this stunning Cadillac Brougham, a unique and highly desirable vehicle.

Spotted in China the limo showcased its incredibly maintained bodywork, appearing as brand new to those who had the pleasure of casting their eyes upon it.

The Cadillac Brougham was manufactured from 1987 up until 1992 with a facelift model launched in 1990. This particular vehicle is a facelift version, sporting only slight tweaks when placed next to its predecessor.

With gleaming chrome and immaculate interior, the car oozed with attractiveness, taking us back to a time where drivers respected such vehicles, viewing them as admirable antiques.

Stretched by around 1.5 meters, the long wheel-based limo demanded attention on the road.

Although appearing as an all-American beauty the Chinese have added their own touch, fitting vibrant red carpet to make it feel at home on the roads of China. The Chinese character featured on the carpet symbolises marriage, suggesting the limo to be used predominantly for wedding car hire.carpet

We at Limo Broker could not think of a more appropriate car to travel in after getting hitched, seeing exciting wedding cars as imperative.

With a 5.7 V8 engine, 190hp and 320nm, it is safe to say that this car has it all. Although not renowned for its speed this limo boasts something a lot more thrilling, beauty.

With cars like this limousine there is absolutely no need for speed with drivers and passengers simply wanting to experience the smooth ride the limo offers.

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