Experts say vehicle rental rates should not be affected by the takeover

Industry analysts have concluded that car hire prices should remain unaffected by the recent takeover of Dollar Thrifty by Hertz and believe that customers may in fact, stand to benefit from the merger.

Concerns were raised last week over a possible hike in vehicle rental prices as many feared that Hertz’s dominance over the market following the recent takeover could see them set their own inflated prices due to their new powerful status.

However this theory has been shot down by experts who say that the merger could be of benefit to car hire customers across the world. Abrams Consulting Group follows the car rental market. They estimate that customers will be able to take advantage of the more affordable vehicle options as offered by the Dollar Thrifty arm of the organisation, and will further benefit due to the extensive list of locations offered around the world through the Hertz side of the outfit.

Abrams cited the Enterprise Group as good example of how mergers can work well. Enterprise operates three platforms successfully including Alamo and National and they foresee a similar situation arsing with the Dollar Thrifty and Hertz agreement.

So the merger could spell good news for car hire customers with a larger choice of vehicles of varying prices available for hire in more destinations across the world.

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