Car hire provider honoured with smoke free award

Car hire provider honoured with smoke free award

Car hire giant Avis Budget was honoured last week with a smoke free award for their dedication in rolling out non-smoking rental cars across Canada and America.

The campaign group Americans for Non Smokers’ Rights awarded the car hire provider with the accolade to recognise the efforts the company has made in launching smoke free zones in all rental cars across its entire fleet in the US and Canada.

Avis Budget were singled out for the Smoke Free Business Award because of the dedication the company has shown over the last two years to a smoke free policy across all of its rental vehicles.

The car hire provider explained that their decision to ban smoking by employees and customer in all of their rentals cars in America and Canada was a reaction to customer demand as the company noted more and more requests for fresh smelling, smoke free cars. The company first launched their non smoking scheme in North America back in 2009.

The car rental expert is planning to build on their success in introducing a smoke free policy in their hire cars by extending the scheme so as to make all of their rental outlets in America and Canada smoke free zones as well.

The Americans for Non Smokers’ Rights described Avis Budget car hire’s smoke free policy as being a model for the rest of the industry to follow.

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