Car Hire Firms to Offer Eco-Friendly Vehicles in a Mission to Go Green

Car Hire Firms to Offer Eco-Friendly Vehicles in a Mission to Go Green

The modern concern for the protection of our environment can be seen throughout many industries, especially transport.

ecleanWith being green becoming a trendy subject many seem to be incorporating an eco-friendly aspect into their business procedures. Just last week we at Limo Broker signed a cleaning contact with E Clean, the eco-friendly cleaning company, offering cheap Cardiff office cleaning contracts throughout the city.

On the signing of this ethically made digital contract we felt a sense of pride, knowing that we were actively making a change. Where this was once seen as a pretty ‘hippy’ subject it seems that as a nation the serious topic of reducing our Carbon footprint is at the forefront of our endeavours, both personally and professionally.

Apparently we are not the only car hire company displaying a care for the environment with new reports showing an influx of zero-emission fleets adding to car hire profiles.

It appears that consumer preferences are changing drastically, from cleaning company choices to vehicle hire.

Although more expensive to purchase hire firms understand the necessity to show their customers that they employ a code of conduct that is supportive of the environment. Therefore buying cars that are less harmful to the atmosphere is a fashionable way to add to fleets throughout the country.

Investing in greener technology is now a profitable business application that has been identified by Rhino Car Hire.

Phil Partridge, Marketing Manager at Rhino Car Hire says,

‘We welcome the introduction of green technology to the car hire market and can offer the options at selected destinations. We look forward to a time when the technology becomes cheaper and more commonplace so that ‘going green’ becomes an automatic choice for our customers.’

Mr Partridge does mention this notion of price with ethical avenues offering larger bills. However, at Limo Broker we have found that shopping round is key and there are companies out there offering a cheap eco-friendly service.

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