Car hire company's new vehicle delivery scheme

Car hire company's new vehicle delivery scheme

Car hire has hit a high all over Europe this summer despite the recession. Europcar, the car hire giant, has been thinking outside the box in a bid to cut down on the amount of travelling undertaken by their professional drivers when delivering and collecting vehicles.

Much of Europcar’s business comes from contracts with other companies, this involves vehicles being delivered to specific addresses all over the U.K. The scale of this cannot be underestimated as Europcar’s Operations Manager explained “We drive 13.5 million miles a year just delivering and collecting cars,” adding “Logistically, it’s a tall order.”

One of Europcar’s biggest U.K nerve centres can be found in the heart of Slough. Here the mechanics behind this large operation can be seen in action. The company has its distribution and valet service down to a fine art. The slick operation involves just one person who fully valets the vehicle before delivering it to its chosen destination. Upon arrival, the driver removes a collapsible motorcycle from the boot of the hire car and makes his return to the depot. The company also has a range of motorised bikes used for shorter journeys.

This one-man operation enables the car hire company to work effectively and keep costs low, plus they’re also doing their bit to keep co2 emissions down by utilising this green way of travel.

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